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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Anonymous , 08-09-2007

- Moffats, Shellies, TOS, Palm Beach, Kirra, Currumbin, Snapper, Burleigh, and Duranbah no.1 in qld.

By Anonymous , 08-09-2007

- qld shits on nsw.

By ruahatu , 30-05-2007

hey - Im an aussie myself but i gotta say that aus as a place to surf SUCKS nowadays. THeres simply no place left you'd get some uncrowded wave. Queensland is so crowded!

By Anonymous , 26-04-2007

Aussies - Isn't Rip Curl an Australian company? Nice work boys. Are you proud? Here is something for you. Stay home and play in your contests. The world is sick of you.

By Unknown , 22-03-2007

Unknown - Thanks 123 adware

By Kin , 03-03-2007

Surf in Cairns - hey, i am moving to Tully, in far North QLD, i already no all the reef breaks and surf on the islands, but if any one know's of any spots that some times get swell in cyclone swell or just in large swell. cheers, keep surfing,

By qld...too many surfing nob jocks , 10-02-2007

queenlanders please. - im a Brit, I was in qld for a while working and surfing and wat a great fantastic place to live.

I just wana say some of you guys need to chill out when surfing, Man ive met alot of rude guys out on the water who think they owne the surf...Sooo not cool.

To be onest these wankers are giving descent queenlander surfers a very bad name and hurting your Rep!! yeh Though out the world and in u.k!!! im sure u know how many tourists come to qld for surfing and uni etc. so word travels fast about these surfing trouble makers.

Dont put up with these surfing Nob jockees

teach them respect or us Brits will.

a brit friend.

By anonymous ! , 14-07-2006

Banter - I am a Gold Coast local. Yeah, sure Snapper is gettting more crowded, This ias largely due to the fact that the media have overpromoted the place in recent times. If your good enough it is no hassle getting a wave out there. Just respect the pecking order and don;t hassle. When its bigger there are plenty of waves for everyone. This is largely due to the fact that a lot of people will just get cleaned up. Another problem is too many kooks trying to snake on the shoulder as they cannot or will not attempt to make the take off closer to the outside. either afraid of hiting the rock or bounvced off by the backwash. Yes, it does occassionally get ridiculous and usually the people (jerks) making issues can't handle the crowds or are jealous of those of us able to catch waves. as for some of the other messages above Queensland is a great place to live. Surf at Agnes Water or anywhere else North of Sunshine Coast (Nossa) will not be woth checkin unless there is a low pressure or cyclone in the vicinity. (Not counting offshore islands and reefs or other secret spots). I also question some peoples geographical knowledge as the beginning of this site has areas such as Cairns listed as North West; North West to what? The entire Queensland coast (with the exception of the Gulf of Carpentaria) lies on the East Coast of Australia. Anyway come and surf the place for yourselves. (If you can!) Just be polite and others will generally do the same. No dropping in!

By Zane , 19-06-2006

Great Keppal Ilsand - Hay mate great to hear someones actually going to surf over at keppal i've seen surf there in past but nothing bigger than 1-2 ft. alot of wildlife in the water but nothing to scary, i've only seen 2 sharks over 6ft

By Surf Nazzi , 07-06-2006

All black out of luck - To the kiwi, ur out of luck mate no decent surf for hundreds of miles form great keppel, closest good surf is the gold coast.

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