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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Noosa first point

Australia, QLD, Sunshine Coast

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By Anonymous , 02-06-2007

hi - hi all. does this place have good consistency and is it good around june. i have never been here and am planning to come down

By Bailz , 05-12-2006

- This is gonna sound like a Kook of a question but does Noosa get good waves in early January???? I no that april is best for cyclones but is jan anygood for NE Grondswells on the points??? Boom boom

By Anonymous , 30-10-2006

anonymous - sam's a hell good surfer

By Heathy , 19-08-2006

Mals... - This wave is awsumm... Holds up the 6ft and starts to throw up tubes. I was out one day and was a good 5ft with the odd 6ft. The locals were all hooting and callin people into waves it was sick. The next day the swell droped and all the old fags on mals decided to paddle out implyin they own the place. the locals are awsum it this spot!

Also, its not just a mal. The 6ft day there was 2 mals and the rest were short boards. People smakin the lip, a couple of barrels. i did my first floater :D lol. Overall its a great surf spot, supper shallow with rocks but u hardly fall off (unless your a fag on a mal tryin to "Hang ten")

P.S Pico rules!!

By , 15-07-2006

better wave - go to the third bay!! just like noosa point No. 1 but alot better holds more swell, more power and no-where nearly as crowded sikest wave ever!!

By anonymous , 13-05-2006

- 1st point works up to 3-4 ft. doesn't realy handle anything bigger. not that it get bigger than that all that often... its a mal wave packed with balding men on huge boards sharing waves and stuff. Its a cool lil'vibe

By bilza , 23-04-2006

sucky bilza - mate it sucks up like hell so take out a crap board cause u will put a ding in it

By anonymous , 20-04-2006

- go kiteboarding

By jono r , 16-04-2006

first point - first point is full of tourist's who can't surf and drop in's Not wearing leases on $10 dollor don't waste your time go somewhere else like granite's

By Bailz , 16-11-2005

- I hav been ta noosa 3 times this year and had no surf at all on any of them. Noosa is crazy when it works! when there is a intense cyclone off the cost and a NE Swell comes through it is possible 2 ride a wave from 500- 900m out past T-Tree all the way to first point at the main beach. has to b 15ft+ but the ride is longer then jeffery's Bay bout 4-5 mins!!!!! Only just makable but u will never ride a wave like that anywhere but noosa!

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