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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Tower 35

Australia, QLD, Gold Coast

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By anonymous , 11-05-2006

ahaha - hahaha adhd lol nah but there is loacls they arnt heavy i should know im one lol my parents own the resturaunt there at chats but its a bit fuked atm cause of the storm swell its sort oofff getiin beetterr nowww ummmm yer cbl repersent

By enderly local , 22-04-2006

no different - shats is no different theny any other beach break along the whole stretch of open beachies on the goldy if anything its worse. Every1 go there but it will make life much easier for every other person that has a clue.

By anonymous is a kook , 20-04-2006

anonymous is a kook - anonymous is a kook! he dosent know shit :) the banks used to be good but its shit now, needs a dead low tide and needs abour 4ft to start working and when that happens, its still shit! go to tos or nazz.. locals? its like empty, locals arnt heavy, there just longboarders out early to have some fun! sept for one guy whos there some times who has adhd or somethin, he dosent know wot his doin

By anonymous , 17-04-2006

- shats is a great spot. the waves r sik wen it pumps in but doesnt really hold up past 6ft. still great fun. yeah dont come to shats if ur a kook cuz some of the locals r a bit harsh but most of em r pretty sweet.

By anonymous , 09-03-2006

world class ahhhh nooo !! - this break is just the same as any beachie along the kilometres of the gold coast open beachies theres no need to say its world class and it sounds like thats where u surf having ur own crew name. I hope it gets crowded now

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