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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, QLD, Gold Coast

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By Fritz Viegahans , 10-04-2010

- Hello
Vee from Poland
Vee want to hap competition at Snapper
We only super rookie but vant exclusive access to wave
Anyone from Poland who want to compete be here March 2011
Just look for Polish national titles
Learners and softtop boards welcome

By Anonymous , 15-10-2009

kirra is said to have been better - i used to live at rainbow bay a short drive from here which is a treat if you surf as it truely doesnt take that long to get to snapper for a surf. I found that the super bank never works cause the sand is fucked up all the time any way the council is about to fix all our problems by bringing back kirra which is a fare way up the coast. I think ill move to kirra if the waves crank there all the time but i doubt it will. so ill just have to go back to nz to surf any decent right points.

By locals only , 24-12-2008

crapper - yeh this break is good but everyone that surfs it is a homo. all the pros clog up the line-up. they get to surf all over the world and then they come home and think its their god given right to get every decent wave that rolls through. they can piss off. as for localism here or anywhere for that matter: you may live locally, but the only thing you own is the patch of land you paid for so go and localise your house by all means but you cant claim to own a break just because you live near it. half of you rent anyway.

By Jimmy , 28-10-2008

Jellyfish - Snapper is a world class wave but the place is infested with jellyfish. Watch out for them around dusk when they come out to feed. Theres already been several attacks this year.

By andrew , 20-02-2008

andrew - Hey guys i live in hong kong, but im from canada- im a grom, confident surfer- chill and hate dropping in and i understand people have the beaches not trying to cause trouble or anything but hey yea i was wondering how the locals are down at the coast? im suppose to come down for easter? so wondering how the waves are etc?
could anyone email me and tell me how it is?

By Anonymous , 14-10-2007

- Good shoreys here atm.

By Anonymous , 11-09-2007

Best place ever - This is may favourite spot in the world. THing is though there is to much surf rage and people dropping in. Just let people have their wave and don't drop in especially when their in the barrel.

By Anonymous , 18-08-2007

- Sickest pics on here, yeah it is one of the best riding waves in the world i even say. Not the powerfulest.. but awsome long lasting.

By surfergirl , 29-04-2007

- whats the chance of scoring a room for $100pw nr snapper for a few months at the end of this year?

By pat , 26-02-2007

Overatted - Snapper, unless you like slow, weak and powerless lines only ever works when the swell is 4ft-5ft plus. And thats a very rare event most of the year on the Goldy. And when it does work there are like 300 ppl on it most of whom have no dramas dropping in on anyone. The only time i would ever go to snapper is when its 8ft and none of the beaches are holding it.

So my advice would be if your desperate to hit a point break go furhter south or even better find a bank at your local beach break which you can share with no more than a few of you mates.

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