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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Australia, QLD

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By jack , 21-05-2009

UQ - hey all.
coming from california moving to queensland to go to UQ...i surf alot over here but i was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a break in the brisbane/near-by areas that is pretty fair. I just need a place to get in the water and my feet on the ground for a while there while i sort it all out...thanks guys/girls

By Anonymous , 27-01-2009

snapper cocks - yeh snapper rocks is crap anyway. there are no locals there they are all fags. all snapper locals are homos anyway no one on the gold coast or anywhere for that matter can claim they own a break just beacause they have a house nearby. no one owns the water. and when the time comes that it is possible to own patches of water i will buy snapper and fill it in with concrete and build a sewage treatment plant on it. muhahahahahahahahahahaha. ps. im rich enough to do it too.

By my bum has ingrown hairs , 14-06-2007

- there was this one time i was out at north straddi.... solid -78ft on the buoys, just me an kelly slater out on this peak that was funnelin like a wendys milk shake i said to kel 'yo dog ill take dis wave aight' an hes like ' f@ck off c@ck head i dont even like u'

ps i shave my ass hole

By Snapper Regular , 01-09-2006

Derrr!!! - To Wallis Snapper Rocks is located on the Southern End of the Gold Coast, this is over a one hour drive from Brisbane, so get your facts right before you put a post here. Also, don't ever tell any local at Snapper that there break is located in Brisbane as this may likely lead to surf rage. If you do surf there respect the locals and follow general surfing etiquette.

By Zane , 16-05-2006

Noth Straddie Kcks Ass! - Can i just say frenchmans in between main and cylinders to start with and all of the straddie beaches are awesome. great perfect wave and a main last weekend it was barreling like 6ft nice clean glassy waves! It's an awesome spot maybe 20 other surfers max at main in the holidays! Useal empty beach though.

By Wallis , 11-04-2006

Brisbane Rocks - I'll tell ya mates Brisbane rocks yer socks off! A mate of mine lives there and loves to surf snapper rocks! The waves there are plentiful and looooooong, and some of the best in Australia. Some of the best surf in Australia is there, I tell ya its true! It's really friggin' awesome! Snapper Rocks is my favourite wave and there's some really hot surfing out there!

By , 24-01-2006

moving to brisbane - how necessary is it to have a car in brisbane to reach the surf? is public transport sufficient to get around with boards?

By anonymous , 20-12-2005

- frenchmans is in between main and deadmans

By , 03-04-2004

Where to go in Oz? - I'm a surfer coming to Australia with my wife and daughter(1) in July 04. We're getting a vehicle and can go anywhere. I'd like to try and explore good surf areas between Sydney and Cairns. Places with little attitude , and towns that the lady and baby can wander around in. Hopefully sunny, maybe tropical. Good beaches. The surfing doesn't even have to be epic, just something fun. Of course, the better the wave the better the fun, but if it's a zoo in the water I may as well stay home. I don't know what the surf scene is like down there to tell you the truth. I've never been to Australia, and I don't read surf periodicals all that much. However I'm way stoked, and could use the advice. Thanks.

By anonymous , 22-09-2003

no title - frenchies is inbetween deadmans and main.

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