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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Australia, QLD, Brisbane

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By striggs , 07-03-2011

keen as!! - Gonna check out this wave on Sunday hopefully we score it good, meant to be 4ft E groundswell with favourable winds so I'm optomistic! not sure what tides it likes but will prolly get there on the low. will report back with what I find if I dont get eaten haha!

By Anonymous , 20-05-2008

cowan cowan - who is cowan time is that TY?

By Anonymous , 12-03-2008

open your eyes - Was here for a month last july and sat on the rocks for most of it and watched bronzies swim up and down the break all day. Had a few surfs there but was just freakin the whole time, just clim up the rocks at the end of boulders and watch and I will guarantee you within a half an hour you will see a shark.

By Cowan time , 29-01-2007

sharks-no bullshit - We have surfed Moreton since we were little(28yrs+), we don't count the days we see em up here we count the days you don't see one. yeah they might only be a lil whaler but there has been plenty of waves in cause a 8+ tiger has been showing too much interest. Great waves and we will never stop, have never heard of this captain Turk though (maybe its Animal?, who doesn't even live here). Might be a self claimed Mayor. Snippy is a worry though.

By Anonymous , 08-10-2006

shark - surfer eaten here paddling out about 1990. Not good

By howsey , 27-09-2006

get fingerd - locals here are hell man and will most likly give a fat lips for free if u paddle out and piss them off for all use thinking off doing a trip here forget it not worth it

By Jon Ruddy , 08-08-2006

Sharky but worth it when on!1 - If you know the conditions this place will work on then get ready for lighthouse to lighthouse(500m) rides!! Only gets like this once or twice a year but you will be surfing another epic QLD right point with 5 surfers tops! Why only 5? Because without a boat its a fairhassle to get there and although most of the chat on this site about sharks is bullshit this place does actually get the odd noah in winter and some big tigers all year round. About 10 years ago or so now some poor bastard was munched infront of his 2 surfing mates so its become a bit of a legend that boulders is a shark breeding ground but thats just scare to keep you off this under rated wave. The guy who surfs this place the best is known as "Captain Turk" or also "The mayor of Moreton". Has a nice yellow boat with plenty of donk and drops anchor and just shreds this place to pieces! Seen him at 8ft ++ no one else even thinking of going out pulling into some critical barrels. He's a living legend on the island say gday to him and he will tell you the truth about the joints history and maybe evn take you to his secret little beachie on the east side.....but probably not!

By anonymous , 19-04-2006

sharks and dolphins - Dolhins around = no Sharks; I guess that's one of the biggest myths around. Sharks and doplphins prey on the same stuff. I guess you can figure out what that means.

By Eli , 06-03-2006

surf or die trying - awesome break!but has its disadvantages; went for a surf there in january and was surrounded by giant manta rays. Our friend in the boat saw a 4 ft hammerhead and managed to chase it away to give us a bit more time in the water.too much effort getting there to have a surf that might get you killed in many ways.(great if you have a boat)

By dernis , 01-02-2006

morto - dont surf it! it is shit anyway and you will get eaten ok. and all of u ppl givin it props and putting up photos of morto and telling ppl how toi get there can go finger urself!

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