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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, NSW, Sydney South

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By SwitchFoot , 14-03-2008

Pump Comp! - Hey this is the local Pumphouse comp, where the locals gather for a day of fun, food and waves. Don't underestimate the wave here as the sucky ledge will send you over the pay-croft. Ask the locals around here when the next comp is on. We have it anually and it runs for two-days. The local golf club that the spot is situated on can tell you when the comp is on.

By chappo , 31-08-2006

i love men - i love men and their bits. i want to touch people and make the world a better place

By Anonymous , 27-08-2006

Huh - This wave is a joke, most overated wave in Sydney

By Anonymous , 07-06-2006

Good Old Pump - Stay the fuk out other wise i, shrek, will bash u personally

By anonymous , 20-04-2006

stay out - all u fags that go out here and sit there like stunned mullets and become speed bumps coz u aint goin any waves go away. on good days shit young kids pay attention dont come out u cant sit on the end section for ur whole life. if u wanna get waves take off where every1 else does. later fuckers. dont bring more than u and ur mate either or u aint gettin waves

By kay.are , 14-03-2006

not voodoo nor island - whys there pictures of voodoo n island, i thought they had to be pumphouse

By anonymous , 02-03-2006

location - At south Mbra cant miss it straight off the rock pol

By jimmydett , 15-02-2006

??? - where is Pumphouse

By anonymous , 14-01-2006

- i can so shut up

By shrek , 25-12-2005

big heads - hey oy i dont no hu keeps righten my nicname on these messages but can hueva it is stop it, and how can use all call me a cook most of thepeople righten stuff bout me wont go pump bigger then 3 to 4 foot, n shit since when can anyone judge anyone its not like ny of us are doin ars's yet or anything so evryone stop the crap

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