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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Sydney South

Australia, NSW

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By Anonymous , 12-05-2010

- Yeah there is honeycombs which is a reef break only breaks in huge swells and can hold it quie easily exoerienced only, and theres also the southy which is a left next to wedding cake island, and theres of course wedding cake island which is a bit of a bitch to surf

By b.t , 07-02-2007

- hey i was just wondering if there were any spots between south coogee and lurline bay??cos theres a bit of coast between them, but ive never seen any surf there

By , 11-07-2006

surf in sydney - surf at bondi for some fun waves but if u want some better beach breaks go to bronte which is just around from bondi.if u want some good reefs go surf at bronte reef for an OK wave it can get barrely or a sucky little left at tamarama next bronte. or if u want a morechallenging reef break go surf clovelly bombie it has a suck left and majour right when bigger.

By , 08-07-2006

Looking for Surf in August - Hello all,

I'm coming to Australia from the States and wondered where I can find a consistent swell and good weather in August. Anything you have would be very welcome.

By anonymous , 05-05-2005

ours - haha ours is at moroubra, i will pay money to see u drop in on some one out there on a good day

By me , 01-05-2005

- where is ours? its round here somewhere hey?

By anonymous , 11-10-2002

re: learn - Either buy yourself an oldish big chunky board and teach yourself or take some lessons...if you have any friends who surf ask them to take you out surfing.
Theres a video at video ezy called something like learn to surf in 10 steps or something like that...its good. But remember - the most important thing is that your first surfboard is long, wide and thick. Dont be tempted by the flash looking shortboards. go big fat and chunky. You want to buy something which you wouldn't care that much if it gets dinged up a bit as when you are learning its gunna be a rough time for your board.

By venez , 10-10-2002

Where to Learn? - G'day People,

help...!!!, where can I learn the sport without getting killed by the locals or drowning????, have done a bit in the past and know the rules (learned the hard way, a few years ago)...!!!, I live in Sydney.

By Pissed Off , 10-10-2002

nahhh - i hear what u are saying. soon as i found this site i fucken fell in love with it. tonns of spots for free.
Yes there are secret spots left.
Sad thing is - some of them are posted on this site...
Surfing isn't just aobut surfing already known spots...its about finding new spots, secret spots and traveling. All surfers love finding new places and all surfers are travelers.
I think the beuaty of finding lesser known spots or secret spots is that you dont have crowds. Refer to my previous message.

By , 05-10-2002

RE Crowded Surf - To Pissed off,

Dude you are nothing but a dick! Its eggrolls like yourself who I wish had no legs and couldnt be out there enjoying a wicked surf on a setting sun. Im not the best surfer in the world in fact Im far from it, But I enjoy surfing and as far as I'm concerned thats all that matters.

Ive always shared my favourite spots with those who seem like they deserve to know, in return Ive been told some really cranking places by complete strangers....

The fact is your a dickhead, Theres no secret places left anymore.. Get outta your dogs arse, spend $30 on Mark Warrens Atlas of Australian Surfing and enjoy somebody else secret spot! Just dont hog the farking wave!!


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