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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Fishermans bay

Australia, NSW, Sydney North

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By Anonymous , 30-07-2006

brownwater - sorry its actually a LEFT

By Anonymous , 11-07-2006

brownwater - who is the one who added this spot cos they obviously dont know much about it cos it is actually a right and monkees is a different spot which is to the right of brownwater (if ur looking at it from shore). if its a big swell then expect this place to be packed (reef and shore).

By gilly , 06-06-2006

erreeeeerrrrrr - yer i have mate i lived ther for two years.

By gilly , 06-06-2006

nar i havnt - nar i havnt lol
yer that was a bit stupid of me to say it was like pipe but it was that nutcase weekend were the cyclone swell came through.

By anonymous , 12-05-2006

like pipe huh? - You have obviously never surfed pipe.

By gilly , 12-04-2006

fellas - man what a frekin weekend, fishermans was like pipe, and the brownwater shory was goin of, it was sweeet as,stupid surfers trina go the shory because ther to pussy to go out, fn orsome my mate broke his finger, remember fellas go the fn boooooooogeeeerrrsss

By Foofo Moofty , 07-06-2005

Get ya teeth into it - My Grandmother lost her dentures gettin' barrelled out here. This place is gnarly.

By poof mcgee , 20-03-2005

some cock - firstly, its centuries, not 'cadburies'. secondly, the kook below me doing al the kook-calling, you're a kook! if you reckon monkeys breaks like a mini shark island then you're just gay. maybe some of the sections are very slightly similar but dude to make this comparison is just stupid. shark island = easily one of teh heaviest breaks on the east coast. monkeys = a little bit of fun on a high tide. you know dude, its just lunacy. kook.

By anonymous , 12-10-2004

kooks - u guys are all kooks centuries is out the back the white rock then in a bit more is inside whiterock then where there is a sizeable rock that pokes out a right breaks over it at about 2-3 foot looks identical to mini shark island then on the left of that is maverick-door a right that pits at the start then goes into a bit of a wall then sucks back up at that sucks back up at that pole

By some dude , 01-10-2004

Cadburys - Cadburys is such a sick wave on big easterly swells, such a super knarly wave.

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