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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Crosswaves - newport

Australia, NSW, Sydney North

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By tank , 09-02-2008

newy tank - shit break
tompson's is hell good
next to peak

By Anonymous , 05-02-2008

local - shit break dont g out
hell sharp reef and really full waves
hardly get a wave in a croud and very unrelyable! dont bother

By booger king , 18-02-2007

backdoor bandit - crosswaves definately rips been cranking for 5 days in a row

By ... , 26-04-2006

ahaha sydney - sydney get good swell. end of last month epic 12 foot plus. cant say it got no swell if ya live over in fuckin wa.

By anonymous , 28-02-2006

ahaha west oz - hahaha some of u guys r losers ay ahaha sydney sucks anyway it neva gets swell ahaha maybe when u rug munchers save some money come ova west oz wit the real boys and get into a bit of size and shap. thats if u r all boogers?

By anonymous , 03-02-2006

Gd day at Cross Waves - hello- me and my mates just before christmas 2005 went to crosswaves at Around 9 am in the morning- as we saw the break thast morning we new it was gonna b great- we surfed there for 3hrs that day and it was just two of my mates and me for 2 of those. the sets were reaching 4foot beautifully calved waves. A freak set came when we were at the 1st ledge and we called them 5-6 footers- huge only 2 of them- i got one and my mate got the other-

gr8 surf-
the best surf i have ever had- :)

By cheesels , 17-12-2005

local booger - yeah death ledge

By anonymous , 16-11-2005

- I love it!!! bodyboarders arguing with body boarders you have got to laugh!!! YEAH YEAH you take of deeper la la la la but could you do it standing up??????? Have a think and when you reply think how stupid you may sound if you defend yourselves..............only over 21 year old gut sliders need to reply.

By surfers dominate , 09-10-2005

Harry is a loser and can't bodyboard to save his life. - Bodyboarders go home. try surfing you dropkick fucks.Especially harry, ryan, visser, and anyone else who thinks the know the joint.

By truth , 25-09-2005

kanoodling - Harry and his gang of westys are the worst bodyboarders ive ever seen, hes riding a crap wave...

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