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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, NSW, North

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By jarred , 02-12-2007

yeww - oi their r no fuking sharks just cause 1 was spotted doesnt mean their are heaps
thier r sharks everywhere

black rocks is a hell beach but at high tide hit the main beach barrels just kick in cause its a massive snad bar. it turns into a mini teahupoo
just watch out 4 these sick bodyboarders mark, jeesie, dillan, kyle and the best one jarred

By Anonymous , 30-11-2007

read this - for starters their r hardly any sharks who eva rote that comment i live there and bodyboard every day. at hight tide the waves make a barrel bout 2 metres in diametre. potty is a reef break but it doesnt have rocks. it aint much of a surfing beach but on good days the wave a very long
and no we dont smoke pot just cause its in the town name

By , 05-06-2007

Black Rock Surfboards - G'day, I'm looking for a mate that shaped a Black Rock Surfboard I brought back to the U.S. His name is Kempo. If anyone knows him, have him email me at



By Anonymous , 11-09-2006

better random - yer blackies does rule but it shouyld be locals only haha bryce leon heath and dale lol funny they are soft sept 4 dale cause he surfs to haha curt, tom, and travis are waY BETTER surfers rule lol but they are all hell haha

PS hamil is a soid

By random , 21-07-2006

pottsville fuken rules - potty is one of the best beach breaks around and it is especially good at blackies which is at the end of potty but there is one thing tou should watch out for is the local bodyboarders Heath,Leon,Bryce,Dale and Scooba Steve.

By rippa , 24-02-2006

fagots - i think u have been smokin a bit off (pott)sville

By Cabarita is way better , 01-11-2005

Clay Madden - Yer its preety shite but there is a few local rippers that live there and surf it all the time like this clay madden kid who is eedy nah hes hell he one of my friends saaaa errrrrrrrr later

By milky for president , 28-09-2005

milky for president - yeah that if you guys bodyboard should come to black rock and check out this milky character hes so good a bodyboarding

By anonymous , 31-05-2005

not that bad - doesnt get bigger than 2 ft are you durnk??? it gets way bigger that 2 ft it isnt the cleanest wave but i stayed at hastings for a week and it was pretty good in the northern corner of pottsville at hastings piont there is the best lefts and they deffinatly bigger than 2 ft

By chooky sullivan , 20-05-2005

pretty sharkey - A mate of mine and I were passing through went out for the early...looked better than what it was. The odd one was okay. I had caught one and my mate was out the back and saw this shark fin. He reckons he froze, and the shark went by him thrashing his tail up the beach. He reckons it was about 8 feet and like a tank just cruising behind where the sets broke. He was a bit shakey for a few hours later.

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