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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Lennox head

Australia, NSW, North

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By anonymous , 25-03-2003

Gnar - Lennox is gnarly! As an East coast Yank, it was a real experience to try and get out with a swell running 6 -8 feet. My favorite part was cutting the sh!t out of my feet on the sharp rocks and barnacles on the way out, and wondering when the men in gray suits would show up. I still got the scars 2 years later. Anyone who is local and rips here on big days- mad props to ya.

By , 06-03-2003

Great - This places is awesome. No one bothered me when i went put. And the sharks, WHAT SHARKS i was their like 2 days after they pulled a 8ft Bronze Whaler in 30 minutes down the road. This is a great spot the only negative point is the rock jump with the sharp bastard rocks and what makes it worse small little shells sharp as a knife.

By , 20-01-2003

Lennox, 1979 - After hitching a ride up from Angourie, the pig farmer was kind enough to drop me off at Pandanas Street. I stashed my bag at Billy Hession's house, threw on my trunks, and walked out to the point. In the rocks, a couple of locals had built a bit of a fort, and they glared at the approaching Yank like I was nothing more than a turd from the local cow paddock.
"Any of you guy's know Billy?" I asked.
"You know him?" they shot back.
"Not really, never met him" I said. "But a friend of his, Rob Grant, said if I ever get this way to look him up."
One guy turns to me and says "He's in the water mate." Handing me a plastic juice bottle bong, filled with a Thai stick/mull mixture, he said "Welcome to Lennox".

Keep a close eye on the swell direction, don't drop in on anyone, and if you yell "I got it", you damn well better take off. Best 6 months of my life.

By , 27-12-2002

good luck! - if you don't rip/charge you won't catch a wave. i tweeked my feet on the rocks and was out of the water for a week. surf byron instead, a few more people but better, easier waves

By ado ,cornwall. , 10-11-2002

agreed - stayed at lennox 97-98 fuckin awesome ,no booties=cut feet,washed up the rocks=split wettie,cut hand . paddled out bleeding like fuck,shittin meself.sharks? overcame the fear and scored my best waves of my trip. still laugh when remmembering. definately comming back for another beating when i can afford it.

By anonymous , 24-10-2002

fun wave - Lennox Point is a great wave, world class really. There are a lot of sharks around and the locals will smash you if you give any cheek. But, if you get a chance it is a must.

By anonymous , 23-07-2002

Sometimes Shit Scary - If you say it is crap shut up, I'ved live in Ballana for years and it is renouned for it epic rights. I' ve been here when 15ft, and long, and barells. So shut up this place is one of the best breaks in Australia! Don't go to the Gold Coast when you can enjoy great long rides, with out the crowd! I rate it 10/10! C ya kooks

By anonymous , 21-07-2002

Narly - Lennox Heads lies south of the Gold Coast and is a sister
to Burleigh Heads without the crowds. Same set up as Burleigh, a powerfull right hand point break over a rock
bottom. Very narly place ... there is NO beach just rocks
covered by razor sharp shells ... you need booties! Float
your board upside down over the rocks until you are able
to paddle then go like hell before you get caught inside
and get washed back onto them! The water is inky black
and the place is full of sharks ... don't fall off!

By anonymous , 13-07-2002

sharks - mad place, but there are heaps of sharks, earlier this year a surfer was attacked by one surfing out there...

By anonymous , 27-06-2002

no title - its crap never ever go there the best waves anywhere near lennox would have to be the gold coast....... I repeat don't waste your time go to the gold coast or bi-pass straight to sydney.....

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