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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Lennox head

Australia, NSW, North

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By JF the KF , 30-09-2005

Relax - To "The Champ", well said. I only hope the people that write "We'll fu#k you up "etc are under 12 yrs of age. Either that or they're complete retards. Without visitors we'd all become inbred yocals

By anonymous , 15-06-2005

ballinalocal33 - I think your name should read "The Chump".
Don't bother coming, stay wherever the hell you are, we don't need another kook in the water

By The Champ , 24-05-2005

Beware Of Me - I'm Coming - Just a little warning to the heavy nasty locals, I'm coming for a few days to surf the point if it's on. If you want to carry on and get nasty with me or others for no reason be prepared to be brought back down to earth. I'm going for a nice mellow surf not to be abused by agro freaks. You can hassle but don't get verbal!!

Listen I don't know if there are any like that, maybe one or two, I haven't surfed it for a long time. Just remember you may surf but do you own it? I'm sure you've surfed other peoples so called local breaks before. Don't worry it's not only your breaks that are getting crowded so are others. Have some herbal tea before you surf. But be warned my wrath is 10 times yours.

By ya fuken pussies , 21-05-2005

gr8 shit guys - i have booga'd lennox many times being from lismore its my fav place to go cos the surf is normally gr8 cleaner than most other places neway and i have neva seen a fukin shark but the rocks are a bit of a hassle but if u say its ur a fukhed cos the wave is well worth the hassle of getting down the rocks

By Brazilian Surfer , 12-05-2005

Insane - this right point is sometimes scary, but it is also perfect. Waves are heavy and powerful, breaking on rocks and sand. Water is clean but has a dark blue coloration because of the ocean depth. It is home to white pointer sharks also, and poisonous snakes on the hill. Easy to find, all you have to do is follow the road south, because the road passes in front of the point..

By , 08-02-2005

lennox is sik - im 14 and been surfin at lennox head for like 4 years and i had some of my best surfes out ther b4 i moved to the goldi. wats every one goin on about roks iv only cut my self like 1c b4. if u cant surf the point then dont even think about it. locals ther like it when its good. try goin down to the beach infornt of the lennox pub. i grew up surfin the i also had some of my best surfes of my life ther. the hole town is a crazy surf town some of the best surfers came out of ther like woody jok barnes and brad wilcox. if u dont think u can surf it go to byron
if any locals reed this emial me on

By LITCHFIELD , 21-12-2004

Great Days at Lennox for me - I'm form Florida and have surfed four different years at the point and the beach area. Being 52 years old and still on a short board the wave is GREAT! What they say is true but I have surfed my share. I have found some real good Australians out there. Everyone takes off on me, because they can. I am not going to beef someone in their country. I have a great respect for the surfers there. I have had one of the BEST sessions of my long surfing life at the point. Three Australians and me, two feet overhead, clean, cold, two hours. At those condition you can get a lot of waves, THANKS. <><

By anonymous , 04-12-2004

locals - the locals are tough, but treat them with the respect they deserve! they have this place wired.. and if they say go on a close out GO! other wise you wont get jack!
from a friendly backpacker

By anonymous , 08-11-2004

Lennox Point - amateurs beware - Having surfed this break for 20 years i can suggest that unless you are pretty confident ... stay away when she's cracking 4 foot and over. Seen many a traveller trash his board, wetty and body in quest of this great wave.

By Sharkbait , 05-09-2004

Rocky - If you like razor sharp oyster encrusted rocks murky water and sharks ... Lennox is the best.

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