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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Lennox head

Australia, NSW, North

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By , 05-09-2006

Neanderthal - I was right you are a neanderthal. i'm not from brissy mate i'm from where ther are real waves and big fish and heavy locals not gutless illiterate fairies like your self. Keep strokin it mate, it will grow one day. care to see a few more photos do you?

By Anonymous , 02-09-2006

- youre a knob u would not have had that experienceb mate, if u knew anything about lennox, so go back to Brisbane seppo lover.

By , 11-08-2006

Black fluffy dice photo police - Just spent a few days at Lennox Head, had some great waves and the locals were great apart from these two absolute paranoid freaks who pulled up behind me in their black piece of crap car complete with black fluffy dice and something that resembled ancient neanderthal mankind in the passenger seat. As i sat in my car and took a photo of this beatiful place, these paranoid freaks who obviously spend way to much time together telling each other how great they are and how much they are really in love with each other, had the nerve to carry on honking their horn and sticking their fingers up at me just because i wanted a photo for my collection. Probably something these neanderthals don't quite understand yet. I then wound down my window and politely asked what the problem was. One neanderthal responded with all sorts of abuse and believed he had the right to tell me what i could and couldn't take photo's of, the other neanderthal proceeded in making gestures with his fingers still, obviouslly all his limited mind is capable of. Because of their narrow minded and pathetic attitude towards visitors i know feel abliged to post some photo's that i took. I have the right, they are not the photo police!, although they believe otherwise. So if your up that way and you to are hassled by the black fluffy dice photo police, show them the respect they deserve, NONE!!, I didn't see them surf once, but i guess it was a bit to big for these fairies. The rest of the locals were great and more than happy to share and share alike.

By Respect , 29-06-2006

Locals are cool if u r ! - I live on the Goldy and surf here heaps with my son. It's a great wave, never had any probs with the locals. They're cool if your not greedy, don't drop in and talk to 'em.

By Straight up Insane , 09-06-2006

awesome! - This is the best point ever! well my favourite at least! perfect point break and wen the point iisnt working perfect beaches and it always seems to be barelling! coming down in june the 24th for like 3 - 4 days and then in augst for the lennox classic yew gonna be swoit as!
and i think that abuse in the water is just gay verbal physical and so on
invite the fellow bak to yr house for a cuppa and do wat ya wanna do to him there! just no killing!

By Long time tourist. , 23-03-2006

some facts - Actually lennox will hold 15 on the right swell as it did in 86. I've actually got some old super 8 footage of it breaking left back in towards the point, from way out in the shipping channel during a cyclone in 84. But that was another step up again.
Also whoever wrote the speal at the front? what the? don't know if I've seen too many people step off on the sand over the years. seen a guy drowned, seen the tail of a shark that george G caught that was bigger than my surfboard. Seen people not make it off the rocks, and get shredded, but thats all part of the fun. just don't get your leg caught inbetween the rocks as a set comes.

By Pete , 10-12-2005

KARMA - Surfed here years ago with my brother whilst travelling around Oz from WA. Got the joint cranking - solid 6ft+
I surfed one wave right through the speedies section I think it was called (not sure) - it just violently shut down in pretty shallow water. Anyway, I was caught inside for what seemed like an eternity. Whilst I lay on my board trying to get my breath back, I'm looking for my bro...where the hell is he? Turns out he got dragged down the point without even getting a wave and was lacerated all down one side of his body. So, I almost drown and he almost dies from blood loss - Fuck you know - I told him that we shouldn't have laughed at the poor bloke that we watched getting dragged in and over the rocks at the point at Angourie the day before. I am a firm believer in Karma now! What a prick of a joint to get out (for the uneducated)!

By anonymous , 03-11-2005

load of shit - this locals and smashing car shit it ridiculous. accept people surfing your home break other people do so man up and be freindly as other people would be to you when you surf there homebreak
or unless there kook an drop in all time thats ok

By anonymous , 23-10-2005

fuck off tourists - every one who dosnt live in lennox and isnt local around the area shouldnt surf the point they should go suck a fucken fat one!!!

By anonymous , 23-10-2005

- hey im live in lennox and surf point nearly every day.

it has to b the best break ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wich tourists would fuck off

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