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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Flat rock

Australia, NSW, North

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By kwotch22 , 29-09-2008

Let's clear this up.... - OK, let's end all this crap about Flatrock.
It's just north of Ballina, I think everyone here knows where it is. On the north side of the rock shelf is flatrock, it's a righthander that breaks over sand (with maybe the odd patch of reef, depending on the sand). It's best from about late December to early winter. This is because the north easters during summer push the sand down to the south end of the beach and fill in the corner making a good bank. In winter the southerly swells gut flatrock and push the sand to the north of the beach, when this happens the bank can disappear or become absolute shit. There is a reef on the south side of the rock shelf called backsides, mainly surfed by boogers. It is pretty sketchy. If backsides is any good, flatrock will be alot better.
The place is extremely sharky. Yes a guy got launched off his board and yes there are makos that jump around out there but the drop off the rock shelf out the back of flatrock is a favourite haunt of big bull sharks. There's lots of fish and lots of sharks. Think twice before surfing there alone.
But it's a sick wave and can be uncrowded and going off if you know when to look.

By local bodydoarder , 12-10-2006

confusiuon - some people get flat rock confused with spot x which is just down from flaty awsome left can go right cron suky maily for bodyboarders lol havnt seen a surfer get a decent wave there yet peace

By Anonymous , 29-08-2006

Nice Place - To any travelling surfer, disregard most of these comments. It's a beautiful place, the waves are pretty average (there's shit loads of waves in the area), but fun and the camping is fantastic. Oh, and when it goes onshore, go and surf at -

By Joel , 21-05-2006

flatrock beachbreaks - I surfed the beachbreaks and it was about 3-5 ft and really fun reforms. Very easy waves to surf. The camping area is great.

By RyLaNdOZ , 22-09-2005

AlSo A lEfT - There is also a left on the right side of the rocks which is really ledgey and sucks dry on some waves. you get pretty long lefts and its like a mad reefy wedge. mainly boogers but experienced surfers can take the drop.

By anonymous , 08-05-2005

beach break - the beach breaks are consitent fun powerful and good punchy little waves. the camping site is also very good

By RyLaNdOZ , 20-03-2005

u guyz are losers - flatrock is in North nsw u take a left where the ballina sign is. There is a sick right handed break on rocks. No cliffe and they not sucky u loser, they are rolly waves good for mals even though i booge.Im in photo 1 in the Background and that aint sucky. So shut the fuck up u guyz dont know u talking about.

By anonymous , 04-11-2004

meh, A-frame, closeout... same thing - honestly, i heard it was an "A-frame" so thats what i put... i dont surf, i just take photos....

By anonymous , 04-11-2004

delusions - Picture three is not an a-frame. It's a closeout.

By anonymous , 02-11-2004

- isnt flat rock on the goldie

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