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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Ballina north wall

Australia, NSW, North

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By anon , 16-11-2009

sharks!!! - I'm a local booger, and fisherman. I fish for bull sharks in particular, and the best spot for them is north wall.
Last year a young guy named Peter Edmonds was killed there by a bullshark.
so beware!!!
RIP big Pete 91-09

By anonymous , 30-10-2005

yeh - its a waste of time uni students will be out nomatter what conditions to take everywave regardless of who you are, of late it cant handle big swells and the good sand banks seem to be gone forever, u want good waves go to hawaii like me this winter fools

By anonymous , 05-01-2005

Rivermouth? - Where is the surf inside the river mouth?

By anonymous , 21-12-2004

- northwall has good surf so eer

By anonymous , 17-10-2004

Sharkbait - The north wall has one big problem ... FINS IN THE WATER!

By noname , 06-10-2004

decent surf - back from ballina on saturday 2nd october...i was there 4 a week and the surf was shit all week,i tried shellys,angels,lennox head,byron bay and they were crap..on my last day i went 4 an early, bout 5 30...i can tell made up 4 the shit surf all week, it was great, mayb not as big as id liked but was still pretty bloody good, was pulling in2 hollow pits, not makin em but still was great, there was a bit of a bowley section there that was perfect 2 hit....good place...goin bak there in early jan

By , 26-07-2004

Ballina rivermouth - Ballina is a sleepy little seaside town locked into the 1950's. The only thing good about the surf is its protected from the prevalling summer NE winds. You will also find a small quality left hand break INSIDE the rivermouth by the bridge although the banks have to be right and a big swell running.

By whinging pom , 24-07-2004

excellent area - love this area of Oz, lots of waves to choose from and some super nice people. lennox head is dominated by the locals, but have a mooch and you'll find some really nice waves that aren't too crowded.

By docsurf , 24-07-2004

this place rocks - we were there in '99 and had checked the coast from yamba to byron and this was the only place with a good wave. friendly people, great surfers and nice small town atomosphere.

By anonymous , 21-05-2004

north wall - north wall acts as a magnet to most of the swell in the area. If other places are small then a wave is usually gauranteed. Easy to get out and generally a good fun wave. Can hold a bit of size but depends on the banks. Good fun in summer.

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