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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, NSW

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By Anonymous , 06-10-2010

hey - best spot fo learners is blacksmiths beach in close to the breakwall - then nobbys.

By dr_who , 01-07-2010

good place to take a learner? - hey,
My little girl wants to get into surfing, but am pretty new to the area and don't really know what break is the best one to take a learner to where she is not going to get in the way of those out there who know what they are doing, and is not to challenging a break. Any suggestions?

By luke , 01-04-2009

sick reef - i come up here 3-4times a year to surf and whenver i come up and its big there is this sick left bout 6ft breaking off fishermans bay and i dont no what its called. i think it might be called secret reefit is kind of like shark island but a left
what is it called???? and is there many sharks out there???

By Anonymous , 17-01-2009

swansea - hmmm somebody needs to upload swansea channel conditions to this site id do it myself, only ive never surfed there, im a learner and i surf blacksmiths, but ive heard when its big you can surf swansea channel, so having that put on the list would be great

By Anonymous , 04-02-2008

Pomme looking for a ride - I say. Im a complete beginer about to live in Newcastle. Id like to buy a 7'6, get some lessons and learn the spots whilst im about. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to help ?

By OLIVIA Surfer chick , 16-08-2006

newcastle YEW!!! - mad the best on the east coast in the way of amounts of spots.To all those locals bitchin Im a local too and i know it gets frustrating but get over it we have plenty of beach for the amount of surfers and boarders in newy spread the love go on a search to find the least crowded break and keep it a secret all to ur self k bye mwa luv livvy

By Anonymous , 16-07-2006

lake macquarie - Dude, there was no way shark island could be kept a secret you can't compare

By local , 13-03-2006

pissed!! - whoever made this site is a fuckin jerk! so r all the fags who contribute! find ur own spots, dont post about waves & how good they to crowd tem up especially if u never gonna go there!!

By lake macquarie , 01-07-2005

positive but constructive - recently ive also been upset about the circus at our secret spot. why let it turn into something like the zone. three years ago we would go out and it was empty. who opened there fuckn mouth, to the central coast you should be shund!!
paddle out by your self, dont be a pussy, enjoy it and respect the boys out there and dont brag bout it keep it 2 your self.or beware it wil b the next shark island.

By anonymous , 26-06-2005

1 small step 4 man kind - moon is a fuk of wave if iever seen 1.8ft biger i sat on the island and watched som of the best surfing ive ever seen go down that day no cameras only 5 guys out.bottom turn spin in the pit wat tha.super clean.if u no where she is try 2 keep it quite.leave it 2 the soul surfers.actualy this was bout 3 years ago i heard a fair few people go out there now. who opened there mouth bla bla bla.

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