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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Shelly beach

Australia, NSW, Mid North Coast

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By jacko jackson , 28-08-2010

sam bennett - Has anyone surfed that massive reef about 500m directly out of the lagoon? it breaks sick but pretty inconsistant. Some fellah sponsored by empire said hes surfed it and has a picture on facebook( which i saw) but im pretty sure hes talkin shit. it looks similar though. So anyone know? Worth the hour long paddle

By Murf da Surf, So. Cal , 05-02-2007

Shark bite - I just read on the internet that a body boarder was bit on the foot at Shelly Beach. He is expected to use his foot again. Is this the place where it happened?

By anonymous , 03-04-2006

quammy andrews - great beach

By Bum , 18-12-2005

to dear JC Mint - Dear Mint, You Jin in a can of soup... im not sad for stealin $7 from your wallet.. in case u didnt notice there was a $50 note in the zipper compartment... so stick it. it bought me lunch and also.. why couldnt u hav gotten some decent clothes so i wouldnt hav 2 run around half naked from shelly beach bum.

By anonymous , 16-12-2005

Fun Waves - These waves are mainly fun and it can go off its head when the swell is really good.. the thing i hate the most but is there are a few rocks which arent really in the way but they just piss u off(when its low tide)
six and a half out of ten

By anonymous , 24-11-2005

shellys point goes off nob head - shellys point gets absolutley sic so dont knock it. as soon as there is some swell the banks turn on and it gets sooooo good . so dont nock it if u dont surf it much.

By tyler goodyer , 17-11-2005

sam reilly is gay - i love shellies except 4 sam reilly he is so gay and sucks off men while giving a cow a wristie sam i hope u wiil read this and realise i hate u because i do brigadoon and dil mio are my life NHB 4 LIFE YALL

By anonymous , 13-11-2005

the point - When the point works at about 4~5ft it is a very consistant wave with alot of good lip sections

By anonymous , 29-10-2005

i hate this beach - i dont surf here very often but last time i did some dropkick drugo stole my bag and wallet off the beach.. i hope they read this and realise how sad and low they are for stealing $7 out of my wallet and throwing all my stuff in the bush. i hope the low life gets hit with a nice juicy peice of karma im useing some shity old velcrow crap they can burn for all i care... waves are shit here aswell never gets big and always packed with fags. J C Mint

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