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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 North haven

Australia, NSW, Mid North Coast

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By Anonymous , 24-05-2010

- use bonnies and cahtie ppls neeed to grow up cause we all shredd u little pussies ports better then there

By Anonymous , 02-03-2008

- wen that cyclone happened in qld pilot beach was 4 foot or so but out at the bar a huge wave bout the size of the wall came in and barreled bout 30 metres down the wall it was crazy as

By jack m , 21-06-2006

sick shorey - north haven gets sick shory

By anonymous , 21-11-2005

- HAHAHA im a skank lol..... thanks man.

By anonymous , 18-11-2005

nhb are the biggest kooks - all of u nhb wanna be body boarders who cant even surf for shit espicially tyler and the rest who think there in a gang lhb shits on ur face and a way better bodybaorders.

By anonymous , 10-10-2005

were the hell r the banks? - yea northo used to b freaking epic...but all the banks have gone shotty n its bad now

By northys is gay , 22-09-2005

northys suks!@#$*^ - cathie and bonnys both rip it up your crappy northys beaches even the north haven town is crap so stop talkin yourselves up and take the drive 2 cathie or bonnys for some good surf cause NORTH HAVEN IS THE BIGGEST HOLE ON THE MID NORTH COAST and i hate all the skanks who live there especially carly

By LHB member , 01-08-2005

ppppppffffffttt - I recon use shood all just stop whingen about ur shit North bonnies and cathie coz LHB rips over all them and im pretty sure the LHB crew ended Northo Boys at a bonnies party so just leave it and wake up to urselves

By anon , 18-07-2005

What the? - To the cathie local who burned bonnies, wake up to yourself. Your probably a soft wanka boogie boarder who wouldnt know a good wave if it peeled off in front of him. Forget about bonnies and northo and worry about your own problems. If you dont like a break, then dont surf there, its as simple as that. There is no need to go burnin the place and talking up your local shithole..

By anonymous , 11-07-2005

northo is sik - just back from there. when there was a bigger swell around start of last week it was one of the best waves ive surf bonnie is mad too but i like north betta.

does anyone ever surf that left on the dunnbogan break water i was watchin it from the north side it looked perfect but kida close to the rocks

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