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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Pink rocks

Australia, NSW, Far South

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By backdoorwalri , 17-04-2010

pinks - this joint slabs of its tits i dont know how big it can get hey cause iv been out with it throwing 13ft sets . its very fast and us locals will let out of towners hit it up if they dont try snake anyone but its best when its clean

By bunyip , 13-03-2009

broulee area pinks rocks - Surfed pink rocks at 4ft last winter good fun wave. Locals in the area were all top blokes. Respect is the word as with any local spot. Show no respect = no waves, respect = waves. Took some video of some of the young local rippers who were stoked. It all about not being a dick head. Will be back for winter this year.

By Anonymous , 13-10-2008

- brol boys? its more like durras boys they are there all the time

By ben , 17-02-2008

go back to where you come from - pink rocks not even a real surf spot just some local s makin up bull so dont worry about going out there

By Anonymous , 09-12-2007

ITS ON!! - To any "brou" boys out there listen up. On 27th December me mates are coming down from the bay. Were sik of all your jive. Midday at south broulle carpark. Lets see how you can fight against the meanest men on the south coast!!

By Tits magee , 09-12-2007

BROU BOYZ - The most localised community i have ever encountered is broulee. Its localism at its best. The Brou boys man they live in an urban society, they are surrounded by heavy shit. The beach was a mother and a father to them all.

By Jordan , 29-09-2007

Pink rocks - I live at Bilgola/Avalon (syd) I always watch for when this spot starts to work, and would not hesistate to make the 4hr drive. My parents are broulee locals so I have known/surfed this spot for over 15yrs, and if the locals want to keep it secret I completely understand, the reef takes care of the folks from canberra, so if a bit of wax on ya window will put you off, you dont deserve to surf this wave. And like all epic reef breaks respect is a must. They live there, its there break if you rip they will give you waves.....

By Anonymous , 07-07-2007

broulee surfers are cats - this is by far the most talked up wave on the south coast, it rarely breaks and wen it does it isnt even hevy as all the broulee ppl make it out to be, go to bawley and surf a real wave.

By Local , 12-06-2007

wat r u on about????? - pinks rocks breaks once every year if ya lucky maybe twice so to whoever wrote that u n ya bra boy mates come down here thats a lie.

By Anon , 03-06-2007

I don't know what your talking about? - I'm not a local (not from Canberra either) but I surf this place every year for about 10 Days. And I've only really ever surfed this with my mates from the Bra when we go down there. I mean there is no one to drop in on, the place is empty especially in the hieght of winter.

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