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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Coal Coast

Australia, NSW

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By blake fox , 10-03-2009

kook swell - next big kook swell i'm gonna surf straight down the nepean and straight down your throat. wanker. i hope you get burned by campbelltown boys the rest of your life.

By Anonymous , 14-09-2008

crap - its way better further down the coast keep driving to ulladulla

By drew , 02-09-2008

cambelltown reef - stick to cambelltown reef kooks stay out there with your wanna be seppo nigger homies eight big up yourselves cambeltown reef just off main street near the surf club works on a kook swell ohh that's right you cunt's don't even have a fucking beach

By Anonymous , 08-04-2008

re: local lad - You are probably that tool that dropped in on me at sandon one day. That guy that couldn't take off at the first peak and could't hassle for waves... KOOK! You are the guys that give surfing a bad name. I'm not from campbelltown by the way, i live near you, but i've chatted to those guys before and at least they show etiquette and respect, unlike you. do us all a favour, go and travel and be a wanker elsewhere. i bet you're not a true local either. you don't need to act tough to get waves, you just need to be able to surf. see you in the water, asshole. By the way, i owe you a drop in...

By jack , 06-11-2006

its true - drive past there are no waves in Wollongong

By Pweter , 12-05-2006

Sweet waves - The Gong has some great waves just can't handle much size.

By local lad , 30-04-2006

cares???!!! - no coastal lad really cares how to spell cambelltown... i dont give two hoots if you lads surf our waves just stop snaking the guys that live and breathe the air you pollute with your tour buses every weekend. i no you pay off the local kiosks and that but there are too many of you smart arses out there snaking/ dropping in when its the locals that truely charge the pits... remember that next time your local is inside you...

By Bellsa Boy'z , 30-11-2005

Bellambi Rules - Bellambi would have to be the best surf spot in the Illawarra with its perfect right handed point break of the pools, not to mention the mini reef and northern with some of the most hectic shorebreakers out there. I would have to say that Bellambi does get phat and small but when it gets big where do you think all the Sandon pt hardcores go because Bellambi can handle any size swell.Virgins is also in Bellambi and is pretty crazy.

By -Evan from Santa Cruz, California , 19-10-2005

Where to live? - Hey, next year I'm moving to the Wollongong area to study at the university for 9 months. Does anyone have recomendations where to live for good surf? I wont have a car so I can't travel far for waves. If your familiar with the university accomondations and recomend a specific housing area,( kooloobong, gundi, weerona etc...) or know of a good suburb to find a place to rent I would appreciate any advice. I am not looking to snake or start shit with any locals, I just want to get a few waves during my travels. Feel free to email me with any help!

By Angry local , 05-10-2005

:( - Personally i think this site has wrecked surfing. Im a local here and this is the first time ive heard of it being called the coal coast. This site is bringing more and more ring in's to our beloved local breaks. Please have some respect for us locals as the last guy said. And yes it is true you F**k around down here you will get hit.

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