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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, NSW

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By bart , 08-11-2009

Crowds!! - Stop your whinging about crowds will ya! U think you got it bad try living on the goldy, YOU DON"T OWN THE WAVES JUST COZ YOU HAPPEN TO LIVE THERE!!
Nothing s%its me more when travelling to a new spot and encountering FIGJAM locals who think there better than everyone else purely based on where they happen to reside than on actual surfing talent!

By Anonymous , 30-04-2008

why?? - Why the fuk do people put up full descriptions of the waves that we like to have to our selves.... you are all a bunch of kooks... i know i would rather surf with 2 mates of people i see familiar than a bunch of blow ins that are only there because of losers posting info on the net...
cheers for fukking things up...

By avoca's overrun time to reclaim the shoreline , 11-07-2007

heavy locals - Heavy locals stem from along time ago before i was born,
however blowins cannot bitch about locals and loyalty to there spot and the rules of the break if we're not allowed to go to sydney breaks without geing dropped in cutt of snaked and worst case bashed you guys cant surf our break to dont bother crying about how your onli an hour down the road surf your own breaks you come here u respect it.

By joel o'connell , 09-05-2007

its called rocky - do any 1 no that ock is rilly called rocky

By Barry Blowin , 19-05-2006

Star System - The star system on this site is rediculous. Are these stars allocated by gut sliders, because its pretty bloody obvious. I would never say which ones deseve more stars but i will say, if you havnt given up dick dragging by the time you get your licence you wont be doing it when your an old man. Find your legs or give up,you poor bastards.Its the truth.

By cracky local dg , 30-04-2006

I AGREE - i agree with cracky local that cracky is for locals only if uve been here for a couple of years and wanna get to cracky u go to cracky lookout and walk the trails and find the way urself dont ask i live in the back trails of cracky and the bush backs onto my house i have lived here for 10 yrs and it took me what 5 times before i found the way to cracky.

By anonymous , 28-03-2006

How to get to crack neck - The best way to get crack neck is to park your car at bateau bay carpark and walk around the headland, its a 15 minute walk.

By cracky non local , 01-12-2005

to cracky local! - Get a life you sad b@stard. The waves and beaches are for everyone, what gives you any more right than anyone else to surf there! i hate comments like this - if anything, the locals should give way to non locals and let them try a new break! get over it...

By cracky local , 01-11-2005

cracky 4 localz - crackneck is for locals .if you cant find your own way you dont belong there.if its working amatures can get seriously hurt out there,you will be reefed.if your not local and find your way by sum miricle respect the locals and sit on the shoulder.locals are ruff and dont like blowins from sydney. giv respect and youll be okay

By Mr Me , 28-05-2005

dont go to cracky locals only - dont worry about cracky unless your keen toget hurt, yeah but all you dogs that reckon the pines is good your all soft surf somewere decent or something like something without the luxuary of sand when you fall off this place is not a 5 star rated place shouyld be around the 2 pushing 3 star range on its good days.

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