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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 China beach


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By mack snacker shack , 11-12-2004

not in baler - actually the wave in the flick was in cambodia up river from the dew drop inn.

By It's in Baler, of course , 11-05-2004

Never Claimed iWave Was In Nam - And if you read the caption closely, it says, "this was the wave that was SUPPOSED TO BE in Apocalypse now", in other words, while the wave was filmed at Baler, the Philippines, they edited it into Apocalypse Now to make ti seem like it was China Beach. If the person who submitted this write-up thought this WAS the wave filmed in Apocalyse Now, he would have said, "This was the wave in APocalypse Now", not "This WAS SUPPOSED TO BE the wave in APocalypse Now."! Anyway, one can enjoy all four without a need to make a big fuss or confusing study of the whole bit: 1) Apocalypse Now, the movie. 2) The wonderful beaches of Viet Nam 3) Baler, the Philippines. 4) Wannasurf Website. So before you all get heated and decry "THE WAVE IN THE MOVIE WAS BALER, NOT HERE!", just chill out, because nowhere does the person who submitted this spot survey claim he believes that the surfing sequence purported to take place at China Beach was in "Apocalypse Now," but rather, he may be very well aware that in reality it was filmed at Baler proper, and so says 'This waa SUPPOSED TO BE the surf spot in Apocalypse Now." So read very carefully before you fly off the handle on an innocent submitter of spot details. And, on another note that dovetails with this rebuttal, Apocalypse in teh Mentwais kicks ass over both spots (China Beach, and, Baler Reef) combined!

By el ranchero redondo , 17-04-2004

Apocalypse Now wave - the wave in Apocalypse Now was at Baler Bay, Luzon, in the Philippines. The movie was not filmed in Vietnam.

just for the record. Not really important :-)

By travellincc , 04-03-2004

Beginners in 'Nam - I was in 'Nam for a few weeks last year, and although I wasnt on a surf trip (didnt have a board with me!), did travel up the coast and checked out all the spots. From what I saw (in August) I would say that Vietnam would be perfect for a lopngboarder beginner!! We ended up trying to surf in rubber tubes because there wasnt any surfboards for hire - not recommended!
Have fun!

By , 01-03-2004

anxious to surf china beach - i'm planning on visiting vietnam at the end of april and would love to longboard the beach breaks. do you recommend a beginner longboarder to surf it? are there waves in april?

By anonymous , 24-02-2004

surf nam - To get waves in Vietnam along the central coast you have to be here between Oct and Jan- the wet season,
I am scoring heaps of waves in a little bay south of where I live-nothing mushy here- left hand point break, walling sections, 50-100m rides, shallow rocky bottom really sweet stuff- great for cutbacks -and not another surfer for hundreds of kilometres in either direction. I would rate it a good/very good break-(beats the shit out of a danang beachie) holds up to 8ft and all tides. It took a while to find it and I'm sure there are a few more around.
During the wet season I would say it pumps about 70 percent of the time.
Sorry can't say where it is- the villagers are super nice and it is one beautiful location-
so long

By anonymous , 29-01-2004

movie - The wave in the movie (apocapalyse now) is shot in the philipines (baler)

By tompal , 28-01-2004

Any good(ish) boards for hire in vietnam? - Im off to thailand/cambodia/vietnam around marck-april time but can't be bothered lugging a board around. Are there any places to hire semi-decent shortboards at Mui ne or Mye Khe (China beach) beaches?

By Rodney , 09-01-2004

Was there in December 2003 - I just got back from three weeks in Vietnam and went to China Beach one day. It was quite messy about 3 foot breaking all over the place. The water was all stirred up and brown. I could have rented an old board but it looked miserable.

I bumped into an Aussie I know in Hoian who is living in Danang and he used to be a pro surfer. He told me he has only had a few surfs but hasnt really been chasing waves.

Its a great country and I saw Hanoi, Hoian, Nha Trang & Ho Chi Minh City(Saigon). I would go back to all except Hanoi, bloody ordinary.

I went in a wave pool at the Saigon Water Park which was pretty funny.

By , 29-12-2003

its all relative, especially when you dont understand -Jack Johnson - oh behave, the talk about the war and "charlie" don´t surf makes really sad. I Seriously thought, especially surfers, would have better perspective than that nowadays. No one is evil, it´s all relative you know. You better call the Vietnamese people by name instead of charlie if you want any advise where to find great surfs. See, treat people like you want to be treated. Peace.

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