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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 China beach


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By , 24-06-2005

vietnam waves - hey, the surf in apocalypse now was filmed in the philippines. Baler to be exact. dont belive the hype man !!

me and my mate are heading out to the 'nam all the way from Ireland. Im looking for good waves, but what i can gather Vietnam sucks and its like a god damn skakeboard out there.

so can anyone give us a guide as where the waves are ? were leaving on the 29th June and hangin about for a month

later amigos

By Sylvain - , 10-06-2005

To Gunnar Moeller - hi,

I was checking the net to see about the stormrider 2 and my friend from called me to say they had a report about VN.

Could it be possible that we can find waves here? it seems to!!! So i found your contact and i would need some infos.

I am living in Saigon since about 16 months and i checked the beach in the south without good results (some small waves in Vung Tau ... fun to do some short rides and tricks but not real surfing). I surfed 2 times in Hoi An with a longboard rented at "Safari Bar" and I think that now i really have to check Danang.

So, i would need some more info. Is this season good now (june - jully)? Do you have some small longboards (8.2 - 8.5) or some retro boards (small but large ones, eggs)? I use to ride a special 8.3 and small eggs in France but no real surf since i am in VN so i want to have so fun and be able to move my ass easily.
Moreover do you know some good places to stay? I mean good atmosphere, close from the spot and ok to stay for foreigner guy + VN gfr?

My contact: Sylvain HA -

Thanks for your help and maybe see you soon.

PS: it could be good to have your email!

By David , 06-06-2005

To Gunn's Surfrental in China Beach - Hi there,
do you rent also bodyboards in china beach?? If not do you anybody else who does it??
Thanks, david

By anonymous , 22-04-2005

hoi an - * I haven't surfed before. A mistake in the last message?

By anonymous , 22-04-2005

Hoi an - The beach were you rented the bord and surfed was in china beach or where. And I have surfed before so I need some instruktion for start. Is there possible to get it.
If there is where I can get it?

By anonymous , 22-04-2005

Surfing Hoi An - Was in Hoi An recently. The waves there are glassy and from 3 to 5ft. Consistant from Late Sept to Feb. However the area is flat during the summer months. Both at China beach and Hoi an beach. With the exception of a passing storm. Was riding some great waves 8 days ago. Equipment 9.2 long board. I found a great place to rent boards. Just near the beach is a place called Safari Bar and Grill.. They rent boards and serve great food and the coldest beer in town. The place is owned by a California guy who surfs. Check this place out!!!

By Ian Sydney Australia , 19-04-2005

Vietnam Surf in October - I toured Vietnam the last week of September and the first week of October 2004. Although this was not a surfing trip, I, as a surfer, took keen interest in the ocean when ever it was near. I checked before departure to see if there was board hire at any of the locations that I visited but found surfing to be pretty much unheard of. I therefore purchased an inflateable surfmat that would fit into my pack so that I would at least have something to ride if there were waves. I first saw the coast at Hoi An. The weather was monsoonal with very large thunderstorms and torrential rain day and night. In between the storms was very hot with a very strong onshore NE wind from about 10am onwards. However, between sunrise and 10am, there were OK glassy beach breaks around 2 to 3 feet and occasionally bigger. The water temp seemed to be around 30 deg C. It would have been great on a mal but a bit of a struggle on a short board. The next place was Nha Trang. The wind situation was the same as Hoi An, still mornings and 30 knot NE winds in the PM. Nha Trang had a couple of reef/point breaks with nice peeling waves that again appeared to be 2 to 3 feet. There was a large island about 10km off the coast that would probably have had better waves. Also, between Nha Trang and the airport,located south of the city, was a large headland that was giving protection from the NE onshore. I wouldn't head to Vietnam if you were only interested in surfing but if you are there for a holiday anyway, its definately worth a go. The next time I head there, I will be taking a board.

By anonymous , 16-04-2005

wanna learn to surf - I'm going to Vietman near to China beach in next February and I'd realy like to learn (or even try) to surf. So is there any shops where I can rent a boart and get some instruction for it?

By Gunnar Moeller , 08-04-2005

Gunn's Surfrental at China Beach - Hello, after i spend more than one year in Vietnam, i opened a surfboardrental at china beach, at the beach next to marble mountain in Non Nouc, Da Nang.

We have from short to long the right size for the daily conditions.

Prize is 100.000 Dong ( about 6 Dollar ) a day...

By impact , 17-02-2005

any surf/hire - going to vietnam around march april any surf!! where's good!! Also can you hire, a little vague but sure someone can answer. Thanks for the help if you can!!!!!!!

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