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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 China beach


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By timmy lockett , 04-12-2006

Timmy is here for u bros - hey dudes if ur lookin for some fun sized swell in vietnam da nang is probably the most consistant. ive lived here now for 6 months and ive seen some narly swell man. ive surfed everyday now for the past 2 weeks and theres always SOMETHING rideable here. u may here a lot of people say they came here and saw absolutley no waves. well dude good waves arent around 24/7 man. thats y people go on surfing trips duh. like i could go to backdoor and not see a dam thing for weeks, but it doesnt mean its always like that. so doent loose hope so soon. feel free to email me at my names timmy lockett and im 15 and i got surfboards for rent

By beginner , 04-12-2006

any waves in Feb~March - Hi there, planning on travel route. Are there any waves in Feb/ March?

By Anonymous , 28-11-2006

not really - apocolypse now was shot in the phillipines

By Anonymous , 22-11-2006

Hoi An rivermouth - I'm going there early December , so i will let you know about the rivermouth.

By charlie , 11-11-2006

hoi an river mouth - does anyone know if a good wave breaks down at the river mouth outside hoi an? it looks like a perfect set up

By Josh , 04-11-2006

Was there - I was therer in late june / early July 2006 and the wave were hardly there. they were really weak and mushy but it was breaking farther out cuse the bottom was so shllow for so long. But I was able to bodysurf a few waves.

By OK , 04-11-2006

OK - Ok who cares its just a Hollywood movie they mess up all the time

By , 25-09-2006

How are the conditions now? - Hi guys,
Who knows the surfing condition in Danang now (end of september)?
Is it raining everydays?
I have planned to be there in 4 days...

By Marcus , 02-09-2006

Alyster email. - Below one of the photos someone is asking for Alyster email, and I have it. My and my friend was as a matter of fact there on the same time. (The two swedish "surfers", Jim and Marcus) Who are you, behind the camera? We have certainly met each other. :)

By benni , 01-09-2006

surfing vietnam - typhoon-hunting is finally over as the regular season is about to begin. the main advantage of danang is that the swell gets bigger the further you go down south on the beach so anyone can pick a spot that suits their skills. and what's even better is that there is hardly ever anyone in the water. If you wanna find out more about the conditions call Gunnar (0914301072) he's been surfing China beach for nearly three years and also rents out boards in various sizes if you can't bring one. I've spent four month in Vietnam now and went down do Danang for quite a few typhoons. If you wanna surf China Beach in spring or summer you need to check the internet for storms and better be quick if there is one since it can go from about 5/6ft to nearly flat in one day.

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