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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 China beach


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By Anonymous , 16-09-2007

Season from sept-april - Season starts now in Vietnam.
Thom's surfboardrental hires boards with leashes which are not broken. ( 0914- 30 10 72 )
Between My Khe ( north ) and marble mountains yuo'll always find a good bank. It is all uncrowded.

By Marcus M , 30-06-2007

There's good surf here - went to Vietnam on my honeymoon and discovered really good waves clean 3 to 4 foot at China Beach,no one out for as far as the eye could see, and one person laying on the beach.The problem was I didn't bring my board and no one new what I was talking about when I was trying to find a place to hire one.I couldn't beleive no one surfed here. I hope the local people get into surfing and have it all to themselves.

By Not in Vietnam , 20-06-2007

Apocalpse Now Surf Scene Filmed in Baler, Philippines - Vietnam does not have a point break that good.

By hanne , 07-05-2007

vietnam in june - i want to go to vietnam in june, but first i want to know if there are any good points for beginners, and how the waves are during the monsoon.does anyone know?

By , 04-05-2007

Tam's pub and surf shop - i pretty much work for Tam's surf shop. she has 9 surfboards for $5 aday, if ur coming to vietnam to surf u should definetley come and see us. her address is
43 Ho Xuan Huong
Da Nang, vietnam
her fone number is 0905406905
o and i ccan go surfing with u or give u some pointers on how to get started
hope to see some new faces in the line up
feel free to e-mail me about info
Timmy L.

By Joey , 19-03-2007

This weekend - Anyone know what the surf looks like for the weekend, anywhere i can online to see the wave models

By Anonymous , 18-03-2007

sweeet - id love to live in a country where the currency is 'dong' ... imagine the possibilities!

By Benny , 04-03-2007

Surf is back - After some long time with almost no swell and onshore winds, now surf becomes good again at China Beach.
Bank is breaking to the right in front of Sandy Beach.

If you need a surfboard call Thom and Gunnar. They bring boards from 6 to 9 ft straight to your hotel for 100.000 Dong per day.

Tel.: 0194-30 10 72

By Kris , 18-02-2007

Rent - Hello, i was wondering if it is posible to rent a board?
And what is the price for this?

By Anonymous , 17-01-2007

info on vinami waves - hello everybody. sin chao. my name is john, aka rabbit from wollongong australia. i surfed china beach in 96 with my mate rob, an old surfie from here. he was supplying glass to the building of the big hotel on china beach at the time and they hired me for a month as a quality control officer, and my job was to film the guys running all over the bamboo scaffolding, and the lads getting pissed on the local brew at the danang river hotel...(forget the name).....all this film would help to make the guys laugh at night and provide stress relief.
the best waves i had were at non nuoc, where for 4 days in a row we surfed a 4-5 foot beachie, north east type swell, small wave period but non the less were good waves peeling for a long way to the beach.
there was a school sports carnival on the beach and heaps of kids grabbed my board and tried to use it on this day. they all seemed keen and one little ripper actually stood up. i possibly gave the first surfing lesson ever to a local kid in vietnam.
anyway the teacher in charge got the shits as i was taking attention away from the 3 legged race he was organising for the kids, and i didnt want the secret police on my tail so i stopped. i also stopped traffic driving thru the towns as it appeared nobody had ever seen a board there, though i know the yanks were there during the war.
this was in february...and the swell appeared from nowhere from no chins beach does get ground swell from the ene direction.
we drove past countless good breaks and the making of an awesome point break near hai van pass....north of danang.....i also did a boat trip into a forbidden zone to the china sea....and found some of the sickest setups ive ever seen.....cant tell u more on this as i might have to kill evrybody that reads this.....mmm. well jokes aside im going back to the spots i found this yr or next and could end up putting up a hammock and staying for eternity.
thanks for listening to my story.

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