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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Nai yang reef break


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By L , 21-08-2004

Need a wave - Im in thailand for the next three weeks. Girlfriend is stressing me out real bad. Need to mellow out and catch a few. Anyone know if theres any waves coming to south thailand anytime soon??? Would appreciate any help

By sangoku , 31-12-2003

little surf on Nai Yang - Hi I'm french and in vacation in Thailand.
I've surfed this wave on the 30th of december 2003.
The swell was small but the reef has worked well.
I've surfed one foot powerless but very nice and long waves.

I think that this spot must work very well when the swell is consistant.

But this wave is not easy to catch, you must paddle for 15 minutes to reach the peak.
Of course longtail won't take you to this reef because the water is only 3 feet deep and they don't want to crash their boat.... ;o))
So I recommend this spot for surfer on trip in Thailand

By Soulsurfer , 30-09-2003

ccrider - Any northerly swells coming our way? I need some surf real bad!

By gringo , 02-09-2003

surf?? - is there any surf in phuket in december-january???
there is som in indo but is there in phuket?

By Soul Surfer , 19-08-2003

Useful Comments - It's nice to see a useful comment rather than the typical aggro stuff - keep up the stoke

By soulsurfer , 15-08-2003

Update on Airport Reef! - Its a fun wave, with fun power for all surfers from little guys and girls to old people...but it will take you a day to recover from the paddle and don't expect a longtail to take you out and when your 1500 meters out there and you see someone near your car or motorcycle don't worry about it because you just won't be able to paddle in that fast anyways! Its probably just an unfriendly local anyways! peace

By soulsurfer , 11-08-2003

to aggro loser at Nai Yang (AKA **shole) - Never said anything about what direction it broke

get a life or some stoke real soon

By SoulSurfer , 11-08-2003

#sshole - A left reef break on a northerly swell. you better go back to "Kook 101". no wonder the local wasn't too friendly and the longtail would'nt take you out.

By soulsurfer , 02-07-2003

Nai Yang Reef Break - This photo doesn't look like the spot that breaks, but maybe it's hard to tell.

Anyway, it's one hell of a paddle out to the break if a longtail won't take you, which they wouldn't when we were there.

The day we went out the swell was weak, but we caught a few and saw the potential if the swell were more northerly and pumping.

One of the two local guys didn't act to friendly, but that can be understandable at times.

It's nice to see some reef break after all the crappy beach breaks.

Take a day to recover from the paddle out!

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