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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Kho phan ngan


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By Rufus , 17-03-2005

Water temperature in gulf of thailand - Hey dudes what's the water temp like heard the swell is about 1m but do i need my suits? Rufus

By , 04-09-2004

cool day - i love this site is just a cool day for me to be here, a place of conections.

By , 29-07-2004

Ok for a paddle :) - I surfed Haad rin beach in Panyang lasy reay december. After the full moon parties the beach gets a bit of action. Surf has no power thougfh and gets frustrating when you see a nice 3 / 4ft left and turns out crap. Still worth getting wet and i had fun out there. Going back again this year to do somwe diving and will be visiting again to see if there is a break.

Overall - have see more stregnth in a headache tablet :)


Mike B

By Lorne West Coast Vicco Aust , 24-02-2004

sanuk - Got up to Chaloklum last week and saw a good left hand set up of the East side of the Bay's breakwall. 1Ft and 150 metres long. Wind affected but definitely surfable. When the monsoon season is on (dec to feb), I bet it would go off. Also go to the Chaweng Malibu section to read about my experience in Samui. Lorne

By radical jew , 26-12-2003

visting thailand in april hoping for some surf:) - i am planning on visting thailand in april 2004,hoping to score some waves just to paddle out and have fun,any chance of that happening.please email me P.s. i am not a doctor

By Stupid twat , 21-03-2003

Ungawwww - Was there Christmas 99 and there was plenty of good surf. Boards could be rented as well. But as everyone says not really a surf destination. Only drugs and beautiful women.

By ADUB , 10-03-2003

One month=No Waves - There are no waves here. Don't even bother because if you are reading this, you dont live there, and if you dont live there and expect to haul a board from Bangkok to Samui to Phan Gan, forget about it. You will curse this site and the people who thing there is surf there. Was there for a month, no waves. Sorry dude, go to Indo or Phuket if your desparate.

By , 22-02-2003

Koh Phan-ngan - Surfed the West coast of France mostly and Reunion / Guadeloupe and just came back from India. Did a bit in Goa and came back to the end of the monsoon in Phan-ngna. The waves on Phan-gnan aren't to be ranked against anything else but if you're here with a board why not? You can get a four foot right break in the north two or three times a week but if you've come to surf get here in monsoon. When the Japanese meets the Chinese over the south of the Andaman Sea even the reporters aren't sure what will happen so don't rule it out just yet....!

By , 04-01-2003

Full Moon Party Beach Break - This beach break is Haad Riin beach where thousands of trippers turn up for the epic full moon parties every month. Full Moons in winter bring waves, but so many people peeing in the water and cluttering up the beach make surfing here a mid month thing. The waves are better on Samui for sure. Still, I've seen some pretty fourfooters out here, but you pretty much have to live on this beach to catch it.

By me@work , 10-08-2002

Kho Phan Ngan - I been to Kho Phan Ngan for a while, and also traveled around the rest of Thailand. If you want to surf pleeease don't bother waisting your time waiting for some swell at Kho Phan Ngan. I'm not saying it is not possible to surf there, but I think for surfing you should go down to Kata Beach in Phuket. Kho Phan Ngan is a wicked chillout, and great for the full moon partys, but for surfing... NO!

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