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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Karon beach


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By Lumpa , 07-01-2007

Phuket surf Feb to May - I'm going to Phuket for a few months between Feb & May, anyone any idea what its like and where's best at this time? I'm still a novice so not looking for tubes just yet!!

By Anonymous , 09-09-2006

Wind Sucks - I was Karon in July for 3 days. The first two days the off shore winds made the shoulder-high break sloppy and difficult to paddle out. The third day, the wind stopped and the waves were clean and the paddle was easy.

By , 02-08-2006

October - I surfed Karon and Kata for the whole of october last year. There was a consistant 3ft swell. Apart from a couple of locals i surfed alone. There were daily rain storms that lasted an hour or so but nothing too heavy. Will be heading there again this year.

By Doogie , 08-04-2005

Not much doing yet - Been here about a week already, consistent offshore abou one foot, but breaking too close to the shore to be any use.
Took a dip today, makes a pleasant change from Port Neigwl, Wales at this time of year.........
Things may improve,we'll see, but wish the family were here to share it.

By Doogie , 08-04-2005

Not much doing yet - Been here for a week, can say its a beautiful place, with very friendly people. A consistent offshore, but breaking too close to the shore to be effective.Took a bit of a dip today, temperature significantly better than at Porth Neigwll , Wales at this time of year!!!
Wish the family were with me though...

By KJH , 13-12-2004

Good surf in July but lots of storms,rain and wind - July is problaly the the best time of year for surfing in Phuket; at least it gets it biggest waves then. For learning you'd problably be better off going inmay-June or Sept because the waves are smaller and the weather is a lot better with the storms usually being short 1/2 hour rain sqwauls followed by sunshine. Storms that create the waves in July Aug can last for days. So if you plan to honeymoon in July be prepared for lots of rain and wind. I was there last July for 10 days and 5 were spent indoors because it was raining with 30 mph winds all day.

As far as surfing between Nov-March. Surfing is better in the China Sea. Go to Kho Samui, Kho Chang,or even the main land south of Pattaya as they get surf from the passing typhoons. I body surf 6ft shorebreak there last New Years but didn't have a board. First time in the islands of Thailand and like you had no ideas there was surf there. Phuket get surf this time of year but i heard it like one day here and there then flat for a month so if you really want to surf while your ther e in Feb you'd be better of in the China Sea area. Or the Philippines gets good surf around that time of year too with the same go go bar scene; i've heard. Somewhere around San Juan.

By anonymous , 09-12-2004

Learn to surf in Phuket? - Hi! My fiance and I are thinking about going to Phuket for our honeymoon. I've surfed in the past, almost entirely small beach breaks, and it's been about 5 years since the last time I surfed. My fiancee has never surfed, but would like to learn. Is there anywhere in Phuket that has some gentle breaks, where we can take a surfing lesson? We will be going in July - is there any surf this time of year? Also, I'm goofy, he's regular (we're both avid snowboarders) so I'd love to find a beach with breaks in both directions. Thanks a bunch!

By , 06-12-2004

Jan & Feb ?? - What is the surf like here in January and February?
This is when I will be visiting...

By kjh , 20-11-2004

Hotels-anonymous - I stayed in the Karon Princess. Its a new hotel with great rooms. They were giving us deluxe rooms during low season(which is surf season) for 1400 baht a night. That includes breakfast and they were guest friendly. It's also only a 5 min tuk-tuk ride to patong for night time fun. Karon and Kata both have there little party areas to.

I would recommend staying in Kata beach, Kata noi, or Karon if your going early or end of season. If your going to be there in June-Aug; you might want to try looking around Kalim. I saw a hotel right in front of the wave but i forgot the name. The waves are better there though but it needs swell to break.

The places north of Patong look like they need more swell to break. I surfed Kalim one day about 8ft faces and it was as good as any wave i've surfed in here in So. Calilornia. A long right. Has a shallow reef though. If you want beach breaks stay between Karon-kata noi somewhere.

By anonymous , 16-11-2004

Where to stay? - Hi. I am thinking of going to Phuket Island next year. Where would be a good place to stay, within walking distance of the surf spots? Any good guides there?

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