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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Kalim beach


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By Beachboy Mikey , 11-12-2008

Cosmidiot - Cosmic-- You've been checking the surf in Phuket for that long and havn't found anything over 3 ft.? I think you must be so F+++++ dumb that you're coming during the dry season!.. Phuket gets overhead, just like anywhere have to know where to be and when. Not consistent enough for a surf trip but if you're there for the entire monsoon season you WILL score.

By Joob , 16-08-2008

Joob - Kalim is my best break ever. I did discovery around Thailand and I can say here is the best!

We have local boardriders club maybe u can check with tons of Kalim surf pictures

By regular thailand surfer from oz , 14-07-2007

You idiot. - In addition to my note below. There are ample places to hire a surf board. You just have to get off your ass and look for the hire places. There are two in patong, one in kalim, 2 in surin and 3 or 4 between patong and kata. See you at the pool bar at the patong merlin knackerbags.

By Regular Thailand surfer from Oz. , 14-07-2007

You idiot. - To the fella who stayed at the patong merlin and did not see a wave over one foot. Well of course you didnt you idiot. If you did an ounce of research, you will find that phuket has surf seasons. From april through to about August, the Andaman Sea send beautiful ride-able 4-6 foot sets towards patong, kalim, karon and kata beaches. From Sept to april, the gulf of thailand smothers the east coast (Koh Samui) with great surf. You were there in the off season you twit. Hope you enjoyed the pool bar, sounds like you didnt leave it. Typical tourist.

By Luke , 18-01-2007

surfing at low tide - word of warning this break has some very shallow waves so if you like to surf good waves that have a foot of water underneath sometimes go for it me i prefer waiting longer for the bigger sets out back. This spot is very difficult o get in and out at low tide and there are many submerged rocks if you don't know where you are heading be careful have have many hole sin my board and back now. You can fin dtide times on phuket gazette .com website.

By Anonymous , 26-11-2006

Not true - I can tell u i just got back from phuket staying at the patong merlin resort( the perfect place to stay close to everything ) the whole time i was there i didnt see a wave over 1ft and i can tell u, u will never find a surf shop around there let alone a surfboard rental !!!

By anonymous , 06-05-2006

Good? - Is it good around july?

By Dog , 27-12-2005

wankstorm riders - pretty please, enough whining about how there's no "real surf" here. Yes you look like a hard man who only goes out in "decent" waves, but we all know that Thailand isn't a big surf destination. So if you luck onto some OK waves, it'a blessing. Enjoy getting out there and doing a few turns in a nice place. I surfed some 3-4 ' waves on a rented mal last year at Chaweng and had a ball. I just didn't expect to see surfable waves. As good or better than a lot of Sydney summer dribble.

By rza , 23-12-2005

it can happen - i surfed in phuket across from the surf shop a few years ago and was completely stoked. i did not expect to see decent waves in thailand, and i definitely did not expect a surf shop across the street that rented boards. stoked!! i can't imagine bringing a board down there, but for those surfers who happen upon waves there, go to the shop and rent a board!! i got head-high, glassy, goodness with just a few others in the water.

By anonymous , 17-01-2005

- Im local To this shitty spot!!! GRRR im a bad ass.

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