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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Main point

Sri Lanka

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By Anonymous , 14-11-2006

- Hey man, Main Reef is okay but world class? No way bra.

By squash , 30-11-2005

Listen - This wave is fun but not 'world class' whatever that means, its short, fickle and off season to shallow. Plus the place is far too busy, go east.

By anonymous , 27-10-2005

- good wave not world class , laid back , and cheapish smoke, midigama and aragum better

By rubes , 11-09-2005

are you serious? - you seriously can't say that a) the first pic is 6 ft, and b) this is a world class wave. some of you guys should get out and travel more

By nick nack noodles , 22-07-2005

not world class but fun - this is just hik have been here a view times. like everyone says its not world class good fun. bennies along the shore a bit is hollow at times and good also. if you have time search around a bit further south as there are a few gems that on their day could be fanastic. or go to the other side of lanka.

By anonymous , 29-06-2005

2 foot - 6 foot ha! Chump. This place is average at best, nice place, fun, warm, but average.

By kjh40926 , 24-08-2004

Hey Anonymoes - It may not be world class or 6ft but it looks pretty fun to me. Better then the 1-2ft crap i've head here in so. cali all summer long.

By Dave , 24-08-2004

size? - That wave aint a good 6 feet, its barely 3!!

By anonymous , 13-08-2004

6ft.?????!!!!! - Please Marco!!!!No wonder you call Hikka world class wave!!!!

By anonymous , 12-08-2004

Main Break Hikkaduwa - First of all,this break is already commented with pics under 'Hikkaduwa',second:it's not an world class wave!!!

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