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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Sri Lanka

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By zizo , 12-10-2006

Hi Nick - I am planning a trip, with couple of my friends, to Sri Lanka. Our flight is on november 3rd. We planed to go to the Hikkaduwa area. Probably start at the main points, but planning to find some quiet spots near by. Did you hear anything about uncrouded spots? We are both begginers and do not want to fight over this waves more than what we have to.

Did you hear about any safety precautions, that should be take into consideration, when going to Sri Lanka and Hikkaduwa?

Where are you from mate?

By Anonymous , 12-10-2006

Surfing in Hikkaduwa on November - Hi Nick,

My friend and I are flying to Sri Lanka on November 3rd. I think we will try Hikkaduwa first, but probably will look for more isolated places near by. Do you know anything about surf spots next to Hikkaduwa?
What about safety precautions? Did you get any warnings regarding this issue?

Where are you from, mate?

By nick , 10-10-2006

Sri Lanka Nov - Going to Sri Lanka the start of Nov.anyone else going around the same time? i have been told to go to hikkaduwa, is that the best place to go in nov? how do get there?how long will it take and how much will it cost? thanx

By , 19-09-2006

infoinfo - hey, i'm also traveling through india first, without board, and then thinking of heading to sri lanka...anyone find out info yet on buying a board there, or anyone leaving in a coupl of weeks and doesn't wanna take their board....if i find a good spot i'll be there for the long haul...peace and love, and thax,

By Anonymous , 17-09-2006

getting to a-bay from colombo - I am going to a-bay from colombo on the 19th September. If anyone has info on the best way to get from colombo to abay, please let me know, or if anyone wants to share transport, please get back to me! cheers. (email rynogee at

By Anonymous , 08-09-2006

- midigama was affected but is recovering just fine now, and its pretty hard to hire a good board..most have been battered..but you can find them

By Gyana , 01-09-2006

Midigama and Rent boards? - Hi There! Can anybody tell me if you can rent or buy good boards on the island and where and for how much? Am travelling through India first and want to travel light. Is Malaria a probleme anywhere on the Island?
Has the spot at MIDIGAMA suffered from the Tsunami?
Thanks for answering.

By henk , 30-08-2006

transport - hello guys,

I'm going to Sri Lanka on the 11th of september and was wandering if anyone could tell me how it works and how much its costs to get a taxi from the airport to Colombo and how much the transport from Colombo to Aragum Bay is. Thanks for your help and if anyone is arriving around the same time and wants to share transport, let me know. Cheers Henk

By dryd , 26-08-2006

Sri Lanka in January? - Cheers for all the advice re Sri Lanka and the Tamils. We were hoping to get to Sri Lanka in January for a month or so - does anyone know what the swells and winds are like at that time? Which coast would be best? Any advice is appreciated - thanks in advance.

By Jonno , 24-08-2006

A-bay - Theres no problem at the moment around the Bay with the Tamil fighting going on, all the trouble is further north of the island.You neednt worry too much for the moment (thats not to outrule trouble but at the minute its relatively safe), their not trying to spoil the tourist industry so foreigners are safe from harm. The tsunami did enough damage to last 10 years for tourism.
Waves are pumping at the moment, the next week swell looks solid, double over head for the next week at least...pack a biggish board, the point should peel right the way through.

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