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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Sri Lanka

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By , 22-01-2007

Juli in Sri Lanka - Hi there, I would like to know what the weather and the surf is like in Juli around Weligama. I know it's the rain season, but how bad is this season....? and is the surf totally out of control or still surfable??

Cheers for a reaction

By , 11-01-2007

sri lanka in may/jun - if anyone could help me with a few Qs id be stoked- i want to go to SL for a few weeks in may june. first i want to know if its a good time to go for waves and if its safe to arugam bay region- or if im better going to the galle region? if theres any brits who have been to SL, email me and i could give you a call- cheers!

By Anonymous , 07-12-2006

Hiring Boards - We are going to SL at Christmas - Does anyone know if its possible to hire or buy boards there? (we will be staying near Tangalle) What is the sea like then?

By Wannasurf team , 01-12-2006

Wannasurfers!! - hello guys!
to share your infos about spot and surf travelling don't forget to suscribe to wannasurfers community!!

have a look at

Soon on wannasurf!


By , 29-11-2006

how safe? - my boyfriend and me are planning to go surfing in the south-west of sri lanka around december / january. does anybody know how safe it is there right now? seems hard to interprete the different news these days. would appreciate up-to-date news directly from the beach.

By Anonymous , 09-11-2006

- I've been to Sri Lanka before and surfed from Bentota down through Hik to Mirissa. This time I'm heading further South &West at the end of Nov towards Tangalle. Anyone know much about the area and breaks ? I won't be making it up to Arugam bay unfortunately on this trip. Any must see and must do things would be appreciated especially news on breaks around the area ?

By RoseCottage , 26-10-2006

surf boards to rent - We're hoping to go to the south of Sri Lanka as a family next July/August (07). Can anyone tell us whether you can get boards to hire reasonably priced and recommend somewhere or will it be so hard that we'd better pay to bring them with us?

By Editor (Yannick) , 24-10-2006

Travel advisory : october 2006. - from :

At the end of October, peace talks are supposed to happen in Switzerland, between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers rebels, who claim the secession of the North and East parts of the island.
The two parties want to be in a strong position to open the negociations and this has led to several serious incidents in the past weeks... so much so that the peace talks may be cancelled and the escalation may trigger more clashes and fightings in the short term.

By september a naval battle happened when the rebels defended a cargo ship full of weapons against the Sri Lankan navy. Later on, a suicide attack by Tamil Tigers killed 90 navy sailors.
By october, a land battle happened not far from Trincomalee (Northeast), to keep control of the area of Jafna. More than 130 soldiers died there and the rebels have kept their line.

So now, the rebels are shifting the fighting ground away from their so-called homeland to safeguard ‘their’ civilians. In that sense, the battle front is no more limited to the frontier of the claimed Tamil Tigers territory.
The targets are always clearly identified as military servicemen or structures and both the Sri Lankan army and the Tamil Tigers fight in uniforms, an important difference with civil war-like conflicts (Gaza strip, Iraq and the likes).
Indeed, because the front line is shifting, the two opponents will fight in open areas, those who were safe and secure until now –surfers, you should feel concerned now.

One of these possible new fighting areas is the vicinity of ARUGAM BAY, a good surfing place with quality waves all around.
By moving forward towards South, the Tamil Tigers would enter this area and -between two actions against the Sri Lankan army- may choose to have a rest to admire your inspiring style in the surf.
This is why we issue a TRAVEL ADVISORY for SRI LANKA : you can go, but keep an eye on the local news.

By Anonymous , 16-10-2006

Sri Lanka - hay Zizo
yeh iam flying on the 31st,Prob go down to Hikkaduwa
hang out there. i have heard that for nov Hik is the best side for the winds,not sure about anything else havent been there before. Iam from wales,what about u?
how long are you there for? and how much did your flights cost? my e-mail add is
Iam going for a month and found flights for about £340.
talk to u soon nick

By zizo , 15-10-2006

Surfing Sri Lanka - Hi Nick,

I am palnning a trip to Sri Lanka in November.
Where would be the best place to surf, this time of year?

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