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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Sri Lanka

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By gavin , 10-10-2008 not right - I tried emailing Chaminda but it got bounced back undelivered. Does anyone know if this is his right email address:
cheers. Gavin

By Malik , 05-09-2008

Need a surf enthusiast to share cost of travel & accommodation - Hi i am a local surfer, and i just got back from Arugam bay and Pottuvil. I was there for like a week, and had a great surf session. I would like to head back to the east coast for more surf sometime early October ( tail end of the season) , however i would like to share overall cost of travel and accommodation with anybody who is interested.

contact me :

By amelia , 16-04-2008

surf in lanka - i just spent the past year living on the southern tip of sri lanka. for those heading to lanka for the summer (june-oct) the only surfing going off is on the east coast at arugam bay or pottuvil point. otherwise the south/west coast is monsoon and the water is brown and hectic. lanka has loads to offer try adam's peak, uda walawe or yala park or fishing with the locals. you can hire a van and driver for pretty cheap maybe like 40rupees per mile. just ask around once you get there. you can rent but the driving there is pretty insane and its basically cheaper to hire a driver anyway. the south/west surf seasin is definitely best from dec-feb. hope that helps!

By Grant , 31-03-2008

Road Tripping - Going to Lanka this aussie winter (July). More keen to not go with a guide but just get a car and drive along the coast looking for some nice little uncrowded peelers. Anyone got any words on renting a vehicle? Also keen to checkout some cool stuff other than surfing if anyone has any tips for that too will be muchly appreciated.

By Stuart Green , 16-03-2008

Green family - Great place for a mellow surf trip,had waves every day we were on the search,locals are great genuine people.Take an old board to leave behind if you go,many locals lost boards in the tsunarmi,they all share.The water isnt full of rippers so get over there if ya want a tropical surftrip without the hassling wankers in the lineup.

By Anonymous , 04-03-2008

Arugam Bay surf - Hey, if anyone is thinking of going to A-Bay for this summer i would recommend contacting Chaminda on He has been accommodating surfers touring the area for years, he knows all the best surf spots and will be able to give you the best advice!!! He is a really laid back, kind guy who just loves to surf and meet new people.

By Jullian , 28-02-2008

accommadation - Gday guys, two of my friends and I are going to Aragum Bay in August for a month.
I was just wondering if anybody had rented a house before there and if so how much did you guys pay?
Im thinking it would be around the US700 mark or something.
Thanks heaps guys!

By cezar , 14-02-2008

if you want a specialised company in surfing tours - the right people are Goofyfoot Holidays. they have a nice shop with original surf brands. they will take care of you from the moment you land till you take-off. they will take you to the best surf spots on the coast not just dump you in one. and the accommodation is done in the cutest places. they really know their stuff.

contact them on or by phone at +94773529295

By koen van iseghem , 06-02-2008

Surfing near colombo in Mai - Is this possible as I have to go to Colombo in mai...

By Nick - New Zealand / Dubai , 26-01-2008

GOOD SURF TOURS SRI LANKA - I wanted to go to Sri Lanka and for new years surfing holiday 2007 / 08 so I contacted Chaminda from East Surf tours. He organized everything for a reasonable prices, pick-up to and from the air port, good accommodation, surf tours lagoon sight seeing, local dinners. I am experienced at surfing and my friend is just beginning, but he sorted out spots for both of us. Very good deal, highly recommended for hassle free holiday!!

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