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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Sri Lanka

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By anonymous , 10-12-2002

Sri Lanka - The "HILTON" is the pits and full of theives plus the management are complete tossers! Forget it! I found most of the places are the pits but really cheap.I stayed there for a long time and most of the people are nice. Need to keep your wits about you though. Dont bother trying the A Bay in the Jan Feb months as its not going to be working and the local businesses wont be ready for tourists. I would go back but not for a while as theres much nicer places to surf and better waves.

By , 04-12-2002

SUNBEACH HOTEL - The Hotel is right infront of the beach break and our restaurant offers a range of sri lankan dishes and international cusine. Room prices range from £10 - £30 (all ensuite). Visit the site for details -
or email us at our address - or

By , 20-11-2002

arugam bay in januar? by roman - hi,

i´m planing a surftrip to srilanka in januar/februar. I´m thinking of arugam bay, because i don´t want to get into the crowds & tourisim round hikkaduwa...! How is the surf at that time?
Or are there some other secret spot´s there, whitch can be surfed at that time..?
It will be nice, if anyone can help me,


By , 14-11-2002

places 2 sleep.... - Hi,
I need recommendation for cheep motels in Hikkaduwa, lets say that the range prices is something between 30$-50$.
I’m going to be in Sri-Lanka at 26/12, for 2 weeks.
Thank u

By , 12-11-2002

accommodation for sufers - i am runing small guest in midigama"sufers dream"02 double rooms & 02 triple rooms.small restarurant.eastern western srilankan food.....all rooms with nice clean attached bathroom {tilled}rooms very comfortble.have house tuk-tuk.please visit more info

By Luna+Foxy-b.d.f , 09-11-2002

HILTON arugum bay - if there's one thing i didnt like about sri lanka, it's HILTON- they kicked my friends and i out becouse we didnt eat break fest at there gest house,we stayed there for over 1 month and they told us to leave, all 11 of us, and after we left no one stayed there exepet for 2 cool swiss surfers
trust me, it's not worth it to get your blood hot becouse of some gready peaple who just think of money, dont do the mastak i did

By Luna+foxy , 09-11-2002

israelis - the only problem with the israel's is that they come in packs up to 10! but if you think a bout it there are alot of ozizs, american's, spainish guys, kiwee's, south africans, english gents and more, so why the bool shit

By Luna+Foxi-what to do- RA'ANA'NA rule , 09-11-2002

surfing sri lanka - hi to all the surfers out there, i want to say that surfing sri lanka points is some thing im never going to forget, i stayed in A-bay, and surfed all the points around and even got to hikkaduwa! A-bay is some thing special, most of the locals are nice,(especioly one named jonson) the fealing there is great,its a small place where every one nose every one,you meet all the surfes."DONT GO TO HILTON ARUGAM BAY" trust me, they are theif's!!!!! you must check your bills, they always add afew thing to it. living there is cheep, i got along there with 300$ amonth but you must all ways have spaire money for emerganci!!! smoking is nearly free, just the weed is'nt that good.

By Chad, N Devon UK , 31-10-2002

To surf crew travelling to Sri Lanka... - I've just come back from a trip to the S and SE, scored some great waves and met some really sound locals who showed me so many good quality waves to surf. If there's one thing I regret it's not taking enough equipment, T-shirts, wax, stickers etc to pass on to the local crew. There's young guys out there charging on boards with 4" of nose missing and using rope for leashes! Most of these guys survive on cast offs from surf travellers like us so pack that yellow pig in your shed you never surf anymore and those 80's board shorts. A smile and simple gift gets you a long way.

By anonymous , 29-10-2002

Trip to Sri Lanka - Theres shed loads of accomodation cheap over there. I spent 3 months there and loved it. Haggle like mad and you get good deals. Get a Lonely PLanet Guide its well worth it. When i went last year the hotels B&Bs etc where crying out for guests. On the whole it was a good trip apart from the odd begger and touts but you get them everywhere. Its not as unsafe as the media say just keep your wits about you. Well worth a trip and yes the bloody Israelies are a pain in the arse!

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