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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Sri Lanka

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By chaminda , 21-05-2009

To ..... Unclebranga - Hi I am a surf guide in Sri Lanka and would be able to take you around to see the surf points. If you can email me on we can discuss it further. Cheers!!

By unclebangra , 14-05-2009

Cars - Anyone got contact details for a reliable driver with half decent car that knows the surf spots? Looking to head over in a couple of weeks and any help greatly appreciated.

By Anonymous , 22-03-2009

Reply to jo - Hey!! May be you do not know that most of girls like beach boys iso guys like you!! Boys dont get them by force!!! U Jealous !! I knew that!! take care mate!!

By Jo , 01-02-2009

Don't go to Sri Lanka! - Don't eat at 'Funky De Bar' as they get chicken bones out the bin, cover in batter and serve as a meal!
Sure Sri Lanka's W,S,SW beaches get consistant swell, with only 3 non-surfable days within 2months... But the set-ups are all wrong, it lacks quality & is definitely non comparable to Indo. Hikkaduwa is the most hostile place I've ever surfed!
Everyone will try and rob you at treble the price for tourists. If you are female with blonde hair, be-careful as you will get attention from the locals whether you like it or not!

By Krashparry , 25-11-2008

Plantations - Anyone surfed a break here called Plantations or know another name for it?? it had some banna plants out the front, near mitigama.... would love to see soem pcis of it, never took any when I visited as I was too busy surfing!

By Anonymous , 09-11-2008

Malin! - Sorry it didn't show my email address! it is


By Anonymous , 09-11-2008

Message for Malin - Hi Malin, i know of a few places in Hikkaduwa that sell boards and i also work with a good surf school that are able to rent boards for the day or for long periods. Give me an email and we can discuss properly :) Cheers, Chaminda

By Malin , 20-10-2008

boards rent/bye? - Hi! I'm going to sri lanka in a few weeks time and wonder how it is to get holde of a board over there. Is it easy to rent or bye one? And at what cost would it be in that case?
Since all the trubble and fighting i also wonder if it's safe to go there?
Greatfull for any reply!

By Charlie , 13-10-2008

Message for Gavin - The e-mail you have for Chaminda is out of date, he does not really check that account anymore. I contacted him on
He has been really helpful. When are you planning on heading out? going to be there from the start of november for 6 weeks. Charlie

By Anonymous , 12-10-2008

Arugam Bay Beach Vibe Sri Lanka -

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