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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Sri Lanka

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By gamini , 05-01-2003

surf tours or rent a bicycles - hi iam from midigama.if you want a rent a bicycle orto see satelight t.v or eat first class meal,or go on budget round tour,surf tour,please contact me.also for nice clean fresh budget accommmodation as well,please contact

By george m , 05-01-2003

ah, colin - ah colin, i don't know where your from but you are a man of my own heart. euros and isrealis? i've been surfing asia including sri lanka for 15 years and they are the worst people in the water i've ever had to deal with. surf wise, those guys are strictly thrid world mentality; they wait their turn for a wave with about as much dignity and manners as indians fighting to get in a 3rd class train compartment. most are status more than substance...have you seen many euro "surfers" without the "proper" gear? nah, they would'nt be caught dead without it. worst of all, many have no respect for the ocean. especially the snowboard kind who have this "go for it" macho attitude. they go out in conditions way beyond their ability(what... to prove their manhood?) and therefore are a danger to themselves and others, not to mention screwing up waves. i've had to rescue a few...because they broke their leashes and couldn't swim! if they pulled their rubbish at my home break, no doubt the locals would give them a well needed attitude adjustment.

By Colin Meads , 05-01-2003

How to fulfill your destiny - Learn too surf with weekend surf surf lessions. Buy some Volcom boardshorts and lets say.....ah.... a lost T-Shirt. Get some of those crazy Tribal surf tatoos. Paint your board just like Oscar Wright. Grow you hair long(remember surfers have long hair) Surf with no regard to etiquette or common sense. Speak like a Brit, German or Isreali. Killing it yet? You are now a fully fledged Euro Dork. Now Go hang out at A-Bay with all the other wankers that prolifirate our once beautiul spots.

By , 30-12-2002

Good quality maps - I am in Hikkaduwa for the momemt and I would like to make a bycicle tour in the neighbourhood, but it's pretty difficult to find a good map.Can anyone advice me where can I get a good map? I intend to stay for five months and I would really need it.

By anxious jackson , 25-12-2002

surf shops sri lanka - hello chaps could anyone enlighten me on the availibility of surf gear in hikkaduwa i.e. ...board shorts,wax,rash rests,even it cheaper than the uk?any local price list would be apprieciated

By anonymous , 23-12-2002

malaria - malaria tablets have recently had bad press in the uk,with reports of dispickable side effects,are they completely necesary for sri lanka ?if so,can any of you recomend a specific drug....on a completely different issue,i understand sri lanka is a devoutly religeous place,and as a muslim planning on staying in the south east/west for 3 months am i at an increased level of danger.regards

By , 17-12-2002

question... - I'm off to Sri Lanka for a month at the end of Feb - wheres the best (cheapest) place to stay with the most consistant waves, least surfers and best attitude? - are reef boots needed?...

By , 15-12-2002

here i come lanka! - gday guys am so bloody stoked to hear that sri lanka has some good surfspots. i was actually born in sri lanka..and havnt been back for a to visit the relos this decemeber and im defintly packing my board!
could someone tell me where to go a bit of a kook , still learning the fine art that surfing is! so i dont want to go to a place where there are alot of experienced surfers and make a fool ofmyself!

and you recommend me taking my own boards or just buy some when i get their??? Can you even buy surfboards over their? if so whats the quality like?
id REALLY appreciate it if i could get some answers to all this

take it easy fellas!
M xxoxx

By , 13-12-2002

any suggestions for surfing in sl late jan/feb - Would like any places u can rec for surfing in SL in late jan/feb. I have about 9 days only so dont want to travel too far to get there

By , 13-12-2002

HOW IS THE ROCK IN JAN/FEB - I am planning visiting SL to surf in late jan/feb so would appreciate any suggestions for spots to go to. Only have 9 days so dont want to travel 24hrs to get there.

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