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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Sri Lanka

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By Nick , 10-03-2003

Boards - I'm heading to Sri Lanka surfing next week and am wondering what boards to take. Does anyone know if it's worth taking a gun this time of year? I will take a 6'6" but not sure if that is enough? Any advise much appreciated


By ash-guest staying at , 03-03-2003

sri lankan surf trip - been here for 5 weeks-good waves early every day.midigama right nice and hollow!uncrowded.very friendly people.very cheap-staying at surfers dream guest house in midigama,4 rooms,very very good food,lovely people,an excellent spot to park to escape the english winter.oh,and within 5 mins walk,there are 4 other spots for varying board types and ability.the best spot in sri lanka for sure!!!!!!!!

By surfista , 01-03-2003

when to go? - Hey, I'm planning to go to sri lanka from june till end of september. are ther gonna be any waves? or is it the worst time to go?

By anonymous , 27-02-2003

bitwronglike - doesnt look like you talked to any sri lankens coz you got the fukin seasons wrong. its march and april.

By anonymous , 16-02-2003

no title - the best place ive been to in lanka is in unuwatuna - rathna guest house. its bloody awsome , verrrry nice people , right INFRONT of the surf break..its uncrowed except on the weekends. Very NICE spot!

By Tommo , 26-01-2003

Oh yeah... - ... but I gotta be honest-Brazil nuts can be the worst! Especially in Indo and Hawaii! But that's another generalisation...

By Tommo , 26-01-2003

Put your hands up!! - Even though I'm English, I've gotta agree at least a little bit with some of these comments... 15 years ago people used to take the piss out of surfers, now every fu##in Timberland wearing 'x-treme sport' champ owns a fu##in minimal and an Elasto suit... you think it's bad abroad? Try dealing with a tenfold increase in crowds at your home break... I'm not really bagging on anyone-anyone is free to do what they want, but if you don't learn to surf as a little kid, you're never gonna learn any manners! Simple as that... Roll on the day when it's not cool anymore and it's just me and the boys again...

By Colin Meads , 24-01-2003

To Kris - I've surfed most places in the world and I'll back up the Georges generalisation without doubt. Sure it may be bad to "generalise" but its the only realistic way to describe the fuckheads crusing around these days. From Hossegor to A-Bay, Anchor Point to Lakeys its the same type of clueless fuckheads and nine times out of ten its eurodorks

By anonymous , 23-01-2003

rent a board - i plane to go surfing in sri lanka nest week and i would like rent a board. Someone can tell me if this thing is easy to do there and where i can rent it.
thank you for your help

By anonymous , 20-01-2003

to george m - you obviously dont know many surfers from euro land mate.
some of us really are polite and do actually wait our turn for a wave .you sound like an american or perhaps an ozzie thats pissed off wth so many people at his home break.
please dont box all euros up in one foul swoop.if you do ,you are a twat.
cheers .
Kris. U.K

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