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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Sri Lanka

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By anonymous , 13-10-2003

Re: Arugam Bay or is it Isreal Bay??? - Anay, just read your email about surfing Sri Lanka....I'm off there this winter & will avoid Arugam. The weird thing is, your experiences on those waves was like a deja vue!! A few years back, I was travelling in Nepal and the Israelis were out there treating the locals & everyone else like s**t. Then again, a couple of years later, I was diving in the Red Sea, and my dive guide said he wouldn't take Israelis out anymore because so many of them they did weird & dangerous stuff that put themselves and others at serious risk. Like you, I met a few good ones, thankfully, but you have to wonder....I reckon what happens is that all young Israelis spend 3 years in the army, then go off on a gap year travelling around the world with their heads full of military propaganda. They go around like they've still got an Uzi in their hands. A whole generation of militarised youth is bound to cause problems. One guy in India used to try to get travellers onto his bus by shouting "Very nice bus! Very clean! Very safe! Air-con ! NO ISRAELIS!"

Keep the faith,


By , 12-10-2003

help!!!!!aiuto!! - Hi surfers!!!!did you surf good waves today?Sardinia was falt!!!Who can give me some informations about prices in Sri Lanka?for instance how much for sleep,travel maybe eat and something else!!!
thanks and have a good waves next week!!!!

By , 02-10-2003

Beruwela ? - Are there any breaks in the Beruwela area ?

Or do I really need to head south towards Hikkaduwa ?

Thanks for your info !

By matthew , 26-09-2003

is it worth it? - i'm from so. cal. and have been land locked in india for a couple of months teaching english at a tibetan nunnery in spiti. i'de really like to get some good waves somewhere. maybe thailand or sri lanka. my freind in o.c. told me that that sri lanka is comparable to indo. is there any truth to that? also, how is the exchange rate down there- they have sri lankan rupees? and can i get a decent board that isn't astronomically expensive? i would appreciate any info. thanks.

By muzza , 22-09-2003

Sri Lanka is fun - I've just returned from Sri lanka and there are some great fun waves you can surf by yourself or with a few friends if you go exploring. It's worth staying at some of the better known breaks for a while to speak to other surfers and find out the best way to explore the country but there are lots of good waves to be surfed. The local sri lankan surfers are really warm and friendly but demand respect as with anywhere. I had a really good time in sri lanka but it does get quite crowded at some spots and that is when you have to slip off somewhere else more peaceful away from the crowds.
But it is woth seeing the country even if you only get average waves - an amazing country well worth the visit alone.

By ronen , 20-09-2003

help!! - hey surfers, sun lovers..a beginner, going to sri-lanca in few days, i need info about sites and places they rent boards...peace and love...

By , 15-09-2003

Surfing at Hikkaduwa - Not sure if I am still looking forward to my surf trip to sri lanka reading all this....
is it the same on the south-west coast?? well, i am sure that at least the locals must be really nice and friendly. i am pretty convinced that the country has a lot to offer, and if the surf sucks i will be rather enjoying some nice trips than fighting for waves with people who haven't grasped the spirit....

By , 15-09-2003

To yarivelani - Febuary is a great moment for Sri-Lanka. At this period, the surfing areas are west and south coasts.
Go everywhere except Hikaduwa. just one tip, Go south and you will discover hundreds of reef break just for you and your buddies. One of the coolest place I've ever been!

By , 12-09-2003

Surf season in Sri Lanka - Hi,

I want to surf in Sri Lanka During Febuary. Is it a good season? what are the best spots on that season? waves height?

Thanks in advance

By , 07-09-2003

Surf shops - I'm heading to Sri Lanka after 11 months in India and my board is back in England. Are there any surf shops in Sri Lanka, if so what are the prices like for buying or hiring a board?

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