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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Sri Lanka

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By anonymous , 02-12-2003

remember the stoke - went to Arugam Bay four years ago and found the waves really fun - really improved my surfing as previously had only surfed
Sydney beach breaks. In five weeks only dropped below shoulder high on one day, so pretty consistent, although onshore usually comes up at about 11am.
Sad to hear that the etiquette of Israelis has still not improved, as even then they helped create a dog eat dog attitude at times out in the water. Respect the locals and the expats who have been coming back for years, but as surfers we should try and remember that it's all about the stoke.

Arugam Bay - twin peaks by the sea

By , 01-12-2003

Renting or buying a borad - Hi,

I am heading to Sri Lanka tomorrow. I am a beginner surfer and would like to know how easy, hard it is to rent or buy a surfboard there?

thanks in advance,

By , 29-11-2003

Is Sri Lanka any good? - Hi. I'm planning to go to SW Sri Lanka for a month in Jan. I've read loads of stuff on the place but not sure whether to go there or somewhere else. I'm looking for cheapness, warm waves, consistency annd nice beaches. I've been to S.Pacific, Asia and OZ before and loved the beaches so don't want to be bummed. My other choices for Jan are Ecuador or Peuto Rico but these are more expensive. Has anyone been to Lanka in Jan????? Can anyone help?

By , 30-10-2003

no title - we are two surfers and we plan our trip to sri lanka from november to january o get some good diary waves......we are going to arugam bay..and now i am reading this is not the best season to go..but anyway is too late we are in bangkok already waiting to go..maybe somebody can tell if in thse two months we will have some wave or is flat..i would like to now about the frecuency....will we surf one day qa week?or how is working..
i send all of u greetings from spain and thanks for your information..
good waves for all

By Mr Bean , 22-10-2003

On the ball - Yep spending a few years in the military is great for your international diplomacy skills. Expertly metered out the old fashioned way - arrogance, rudeness, agressiveness and finally paranioa. All that fighting and hatred has to come back on you. Still there always exceptions and hope I guess. It's the older more experienced guys that need to set the young ones' heads in place more....Too many people watch situations unfold and just let it happen. So shit is happening now that would never have been tolerated years ago. When you travel you are an ambasedor to your country. We travel to places like Sri Lanka and Arugam bay to get away from the harshness of reality - to relax and catch some beautiful, warm, green, waves and to meet some great surfers from all over the world. So if you see travellers treating another countries people badly ie sri lankans then it's worth pulling them up on it because if it keeps on going it gets to the stage where all people from the one country will not be tolerated because of one bad mob who are doing a great job at spoiling it for the rest of us. Hope your next surf is over head high and offshore....

By shelli , 15-10-2003

Board and accom prices in sri lanka - It costs around Rs400 for board hire per day. so that is about $US4. It gets cheaper for a weekly hire. You can get a good clean double room with your own b/room for RS700 per day, so that around US$7. travel (bus and train)is easy and very very cheap. a meal will cost you us$1-3 and a large bottle of beer 80cents.

just to comment on the swipe at israeli's surfing...well, i have spent a few years travelling to the coasts of sri lanka and all the local surfers have major issues with israeli's. the stories of being treated rudely and aggressively on and off the water are bountiful. Now i know a few nice israeli's myself but if you are travelling as an israeli group, do everyone a favour and leave your agression and arrogance at home.... smooches to you all and enjoy

By tatti , 15-10-2003

surfing in sri lanka - i found arugam bay a brilliant place to learn to surf. i was there in early september and the conditions were just right for beginners. boards were cheap to hire and there were quite a few people taking advantage of the small waves to learn to surf. Seems some other nearby beaches offered a better challenge for those who were up for it. Also, i stayed at the Hillton Hotel, mentioned in the last email. they were fantastic and it was cheap and clean. See there

By anonymous , 15-10-2003

photos of Arugam bay - you can find some pics on the website of a really good friendly cheap guesthouse (The Hillton) and you can get a daily surf and weather report

By Dsurf , 13-10-2003

peacefull december - I am a beginner surfer and going to spend whole december in Sri Lanka. Where is the best place to rent surfboard and where are nice and easy waves for beginner? How much is renting etc?

By Ned , 13-10-2003

Re: Ah, Colin - Woah, George, I guess by euros you mean Brits and Irish and Spanish and French and Portuguese, all of whom have good home breaks and are as clued up on surf etiquette as anywhere else. Sure, you get get poseurs, self-centred f**kwits, drop-in deadheads etc. but you get those in the USA & Oz as well....If you come to my home breaks in North Devon, UK you will find kooks & dorks for sure, but you will also find a solid core of often well-travelled surfers who will welcome you (whom I presume is a "true" surfer) with warmth & respect, and share the waves with you with soul & decorum.


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