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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Sri Lanka

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By Dan , 25-04-2004

Quoistion for who knows - Does anybody know a good place for a beginner to start surfing in sri lanka where I can also rent a board ?
and maybe someone knows of a place like that in india?

i will be in the south of india somewhere around the end of may to mid june. due to the monsoons im assuming that all the east coasts of india and sri lanka should be good during these times.

By , 22-03-2004

INFORMATION SURF SRI LANKA - I want to go to Sri Lanka this August and I would like to know which is the best place for surfing this month and if there are a lot of people. Are there waves every day in summer?
thank's a lot.
My e.mail es

By , 09-03-2004

Fit Sri Lanka Tour in your surf trip / excellent driver-guide for Sri Lanka Tour - Hi,

I’ve been 3 weeks to Sri Lanka mainly to surf. Although we had planned to go for a 1 week tour across the island. We already got contact from France with “Nanda “ J.D NANDASENA who picked us from the airport and who would be our guide. We had had his name and phone numbers from friends of us and booked him first for airport pick up from France. He was waiting for us at the airport, although our flight was delayed. We spend a week surfing before going on trip in Hikkaduwa. During the trip that guy was just perfect, showing us all the nice places and sceneries of the island. He has a sort of 6 days tour really well organized and “Nanda” is very flexible, if you do want to change something or see other places it’s always possible. He owns his bus and says he is happy enough with the money he earns this way, so he will not push you to go to any shop where others get commissions on what you buy, even he can advise you on prices to pay for certain souvenirs.
If you plan to go for a trip contact him, and last but not least after we checked he was one the cheapest guide found.

Mat, Vendee – France.

Tel : 00 94 11 283 3435
Cel : 00 94 77 746 8268
E-mail : (mention “attention : Nanda”, as he shares e-mail with other friends)
33/12, Santanampitiya Road,
Sri Lanka

Ps : I’m not making money on this, just giving a good contact.

By , 17-02-2004

Quality Time - hi, I'm an Aussie going to SL solo in early April for one week. Where would i go to chill and chase some quality waves? All suggestions appreciated.

By have fun , 12-02-2004

Amazing - I'm amazed at how many surfers travel to Sri Lanka. What a big waste of money and effort. So you might score some good waves here at there, but that same cash and effort could get you into deepest Indo or even J-Bay. But yeah, I know, you can go where you want. That's cool. You wont find me in Sri Lanka, though. It just vener looks that epic for all the hassle, cash, and hype.

By , 11-02-2004

Rent a board/Cheap fligh - I will be heading to the south of India in June until early August. Does anyone know the how much the the cheap flights are from the south of India to SL? And it is hard to rent a long board? How much? In June, July and Aug. waht part of SL has the best waves/beach brakes? Can any body help me?

By , 06-02-2004

good surf board - hello my name is theodore and i am in the south of india right now. i am looking into traveling down to sri lanka for about 2 to 3 weeks and i am with out a board. so the question is can i either rent a good board ie not a foamy piece of crap long board rental, but a good short board in decent shape. if not does anyone know if you can buy a board from the a-frame surf shop or some other shop around and resell it to the shop or someone. another question? has anyone taken the train from fort in colombo to hikkaduwa? any info would be appreciated.

By anonymous , 21-01-2004

re: boards to rent - Email 'Jus' below he knows everything there is to know about SL! He appears to be really 'clued up' on his 'local' knowledge...

By massimo , 21-01-2004

boards to rent - I'm heading to Sri Lanka in February from Italy. I'm not taking my boards as I want to buy or rent one when I get to SL.Is Hikkaduwa the only place I can find one or also arugam bay and other spots have some shops? Thank you guys,cheers!

By , 16-01-2004

hey - Winds are variable.... but really pick up out of no where..head down south to middigama and find Rams guest family and cheap clean lodgings... i'll be there in 4 weeks for a month... you'l find a few of the only beach breaks...and some nice reef breaks....ask a took took driver to take you to some one who can show you around the swamp land behind hikadowa....often goes missed. safe travels Jus

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