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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Sri Lanka

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By anonymous , 16-11-2004

hi - You can rent boards from Jais in middigama and he has second hand boards in there every now and then... waves are generaly smaller at merrissa.. beautiful place though.. see you there in feb!

By Morten , 06-11-2004

Boards for sale? - Does anyone know if one can find boards for sale in srilanka? Any surfshops beside A-frame? As far as i understand they only have boards for rent, and I plan to stay at least one month. If not, then can I expect a good selection of rental boards? Any info would be much appreciated as half my travel budget will go to bringing my board all the way from Norway :)

By , 23-10-2004

mirissa - I am going to sri lanka in december can anyone give me any info on the waves in mirissa?

By p , 15-10-2004

rent a board - i will go to lanka in November, are there some possibilities to rent a board around Midigama / Weligama
I dont wanna pay the high charge on the plane.

By Michael Ryan, Durban, South Africa , 13-10-2004

Aragum Bay - If u r looking for reasonable priced transport with a reliable driver to take u fm Colombo to Aragum Bay or any other spot in Lanka-ctc Nicolas Fonseka-Mobile: 072-2936313 or home: 009411-011-2235613-he has his own minibus which seats up to 6/8 pax, is clean and in good condition-he will fetch u fm the airport or wherever, he's well presented and doesn't try take u to shops to buy things u don't want as he only does driving.

Surfed A-Bay in September, it's an awesome wave, the Israeli's who hv had a lot of bad press, r generally cool if u pay yr respect in the line up like any other surf spot in the world and being a very restricted take off spot, rather sit a little on the inside-u will get plenty of waves as the outer point very often doesn't hold up all the way thru !!

Best spot in town is the Stardust Hotel-it's the most expensive at US$54 pn for a room, but if u feel like living living it good, it's definitely the place to be and the food is great-u need to book in season-Per and Merette hv run the place 4 over 20 yrs and it becomes like home after a while !! Enjoy

By , 24-09-2004

rent a ground - I'm looking for a land rent max 1 acre or less in Arugam Bay(Pottuvil) close to the beach and the main road whit services like water and electrcity.
If there is a place to rent built with bungalows on it we'd prefer. Thanks DANIELA from Rome Italy

By anonymous , 24-08-2004

hi - short qst. - Helo planing to surf in Sri Lanka at Novmber..
im a Begginer, i want to know a good spot's for begginers in this seasion..(novenber)
10x a lot. ofir.

By Malik , 22-08-2004

Lankan Swellz Kicks ass - I just got back to the states after 2 terrific weeks in Argambay. I had a gr8 time. Well im Sri Lankan. Im looking for new friends who could surf with me. Well being in Sri lanka for 18 years , surfing as a sport has not caught up. I really hope it does though .Well ill be getting back to Sri lanka in December in time for the Hikaduwa seaon. Well if there are any interested surfers. Please let me know. We could work something out; transport will not be problem since I have my own driver and a vehicle. If you fellas have a tight budget. It’s all kewl. Camping out side the sea is another fun recreation. My friends Mambo has also a surf school in Hikaduwa as well as Arugambay. So learning to surf would not be a problem.

If you are interested
Let me know

Email me

By , 07-08-2004

south sri lanka - is it a good season to surf hikkaduwa in october november
thanks for your responses

By anonymous , 18-07-2004

Boycott Continental Iberia Delat United and KLM. - Please all surfers listen!!!! We must act now, it's getting worst, airlines now even embargo surfboard. Try to convice any one you can to boycott (stop using) those airlines. See:

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