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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Sri Lanka

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By , 30-12-2004

Looking For K.P. Sarat In Unawatuna - Hi, I'm looking for K.P. Sarat from Unawatuna . He and his Family live in Unawatuna near the Trainstation. He is working as a security at the Hotel "Golden Ente" in Unawatuna. Please send me a mail to:
Thanks a lot Udo

By Suzuki kun , 30-12-2004

hikkaduwa - i survived the monster and now im in Thailand. ive met a couple isrili surfers here who were at A fram in hikkaduwa. they said that there was minimal damage to the hotel and most of the people staying there are ok. they said when the wave hit mambo got everyone out and about 30 of them spent the night in the mountains at mambos house. The surf shop is the only real thing that was damaged.

By webmaster , 30-12-2004

Tsunami Contact Board - Please also post your messages to the dedicated Contact/Support Board - click on the "Forum" tag on the left-hand menus to navigate to it. The Board will accept real-time postings, these 'comments' pages will have fairly irregular updates over the next few days (sorry, but I'm miles from a decent internet connection at the moment!)

By , 29-12-2004

sooriyas beach house Arugam Bay - I am desperate to find out if Rama and his family are O.K, they own 'Sooriyas' opposite the Siam View. Also I need to know if Hawkey and his family from the Surf shop are o.k. I met so many great people in Arugam Bay and was accepted in as a part of thier family for several months. Any relief work that i can get involved in, please let me know. Love, Peace and Respect. Curly Steve

By Webmaster , 29-12-2004

Tsunami - Given the terrible events in the Indian Ocean, we ask our users to limit their posts to wannasurf for a few days to only those posts which will help people contact their loved ones, and express their distress for everyone caught up in this disaster. Every surfer who has ever travelled must be touched by this. Please be considerate. We will be working on putting together a surfers solidarity fund to help give something back to some of these communities who have been our hosts over the years. We'll provide details as soon as we can.

By anonymous , 29-12-2004

Donations UK - 08706060900 - funds distributed to sanctioned aid groups covering entire affected area.

By mark ashley , 29-12-2004

midigama-no info - hi,if anybody can help me as i am after information as to the damage caused in midigama as i lived with a family there 2 years ago,and have no way of finding out if they are o.k.they are Albert Jayawardana and his family,and they live at "isuru",denuwala,ahangama-which is just past the surfers dream guest house ahangama side of midigama.Albert is well known in the community and is very good friends with gamini,who runs villa gaetano in ahangama.i appreciate the situation out there at present,but if there is anybody who could give me any info,good,or bad,then id be very very grateful,as the family are dear friends.please mail me

By Joe ( , 29-12-2004

Looking for Darren Finch - Hi, I'm writing on behalf of a frind who is looking for Darren Finch and his girlfrind Laura from Bristol, England who were on a surfing holiday in southern Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit - does anyone have any news of them?

By , 29-12-2004

Ahangama - Kabalana & Easy Beach - I left Ahangama at 8:00 on the 26th. As we were heading north the tsunami hit. We were in Kalutara at the time and were not harmed. We were staying at the Kabalana Hotel and have not been able to get in touch with anyone there. Does anyone know how the staff and guests there faired??? How about Easy Beach? I just surfed with Austin on Christmas day and now I can't get through to him either.

By , 29-12-2004

parrotts rock crew mirissa - hi there, does anyone know the whereabouts of lakmal, kc, thusan and chaminda who worked at the restuarant on parrotts rock on mirissa beach. if anyone has any info. good or bad please let me know...............

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