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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Sri Lanka

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By , 03-06-2005

rentals - Hi people, am studying in Sri Lanka and want to know if there are surfboards for rent in Arugam (for girlfriend)? Tried to call Siam and A-bay but got a lady speaking Tamil and I can't say more than Vannakam and tetani.
Would appreciate an answer!

By Jonny , 16-05-2005

august surf trip - Hi,me and a friend, both students are planning a budget surf trip to sri lanka this august. I was wondering if anyone could help out with a few qu's... is august the wrong time to go because of monsoons? is it cheap to live and is it necessary to book these beach hut type accommodation before arrival? what sea life will we expect...sharks?! i hope that the locals will be appreciative of our visit. Thanks Jonny

By , 08-03-2005

To those that have stayed in Midigama - I have been contacted by Joe and Helen who are over there now and they say that Ram etc are in desperate need of money to rebuild the damaged property. While they are ok for food, clothing etc they are receiving no help to get their lives back on track.
There are also many political issues hindering this process and I am trying to raise some awareness about this and organise getting some money wired across there. If you have stayed at Rams you will appreciate what we are trying to do for these lovely people.

If you would like to donate (and we are only talking Friday beer money or whatever you can reasonably afford) please send me an email and I can let you have further details of what is happening over there and how to send your donation. Also please pass the message on to others.

Thanks in advance

By /0094412251417 , 07-03-2005

Samaru Beach House opens again medio March - Samaru Beach House in Weligama, Sri Lanka (good surfspot for beginners) = open and all rooms are refurnished.
Come and stay with us

By anonymous , 18-02-2005

sounds good bud - Get yourself down to Middigama and maybe help out ram and the guys in that area, from what ive heard hardly any aid has reached to the smaller villages and Ram and his family are some of the coolest people i met in Lanka.... ps... bring ya elbow grease!

By , 16-02-2005

- Hey,

I'm a 24 year-old American citizen and I'm interested in doing some volunteer work in Southern Sri Lanka in March. I plan on being there from the 10th to the 22cd. I'm college educated, well traveled and a hard worker. I am willing to work completely for FREE (airfare, room, board -- I'll pay my own way). I am also totally flexible as far as duties. Please contact me if you have any information.

Kind regards,

Jeff Bean

By , 11-02-2005

Ram's guest house, Midigama - Ram and his family have had their phone reconnected. Helen from next door is staying with them.

Rams' phone: 0094 41 2252639
Helen's email:

cheers, damo.

By , 19-01-2005

Easy Beach Ahangama - Hi, would like to inform that the houses at Easy Beach is not destroyed, and that the guesthouse is reopening in the beginning of February. The standard is not the same as it used to be, but they're slowly recovering.

Both Øystein, Ninni and their daughter Silja is back in Ahangama and working towards the reopening.

Vegard Thise

By , 17-01-2005

hikkaduwa - Hi, i was wondering if there is abody in hikkaduwa at this time. i have some local friends there and would like to find out if they are OK ,i can give you directions to find them if you E mail me ,thank you

By , 16-01-2005

wanna surf - Hi, I'm a US doctor helping w/ the construction effort in Kogalla. I'd like to get ahold of a surfboard for some evening sessions. I'm staying at the Kogalla beach resort, please email me if you can find a board for rent or for sale. thanks, kevin.

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