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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Prophet Muhummad , 14-03-2004

Word Up, Surfers! - Philippines: The US government has singled out the Philippines, more specifically the southern island of Mindanao, as an Al Qaeda breeding ground. Poor and lawless, Mindanao has for decades hosted criminal gangs engaging in everything from gunrunning to extortion to kidnapping. Islamic separatist rebel groups, most notably the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) are reportedly allied with Jama'a Islamiya and other terrorist groups. Bombings, kidnapping, and other violence make travel through many regions of the Philippines hazardous. The drinking water is unsafe and cholera, hepatitis, malaria, rabies are prevalent. Add typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and garbage landslides-together with unsafe roads, pirates, and everyday street crime-and you may want to reconsider the Philippines' notoriously fluky surf.

Word up, surfers - Philippines is too dangerous. Don't risk your very life for a few waves, it's probably flat anyway. Crazy Flippers.

By touched by siargao , 23-02-2004

Siargao is a surfer's heaven - Imagine a place that is untouched by materialistic things but driven by the local's love for the island, eachother and the surf.....that, my friends, is Siargao:) Not only were the waves great---easy place to find boards---great food but the people are is amazing to see especially the young boys and awesome local surfer chicks out there ripping it up!!! I left the island crying because it was so awesome to bond with such people who have such awesome passion for surfing and who are so pure in short, go to siargao!!!

By , 28-01-2004

renting boards in Luzon - Hi everybody,
My wife and I will be cycling around Luzon next may but also want to do some surfing out there. Because of the bicycles we can't bring our own boards. Does anyone know if there are rentals available on Luzon and more important if these rentals are in a good enough shape to float a human being?! (We had some bad luck with this in Nicaragua.) My wife and I are medium skilled surfers that like beachbreaks and funwaves. Does anyone know the right spot for us?
Thanks, Jeroen van Elswijk, Holland

By , 16-11-2003

Samar and surfing - Looking for information about surfing in Samar island

By anonymous , 13-11-2003

Hawaiian bodyboarder - Bodyboarding heaven...this waves are perfect to get huge airs...perfect place for Back Flips, ARS , Rollos, ETC...just like Hawaii

By , 05-11-2003

excited to go to phillipines - I don't know why people would post slandering messages about whores and aids in phillipines, you don't know how lucky you are for being able to visit phillipines? Anyways, i'm coming to phillipines during this winter break(monsoon season) and i heard their is good shore break. I love to go skimboarding and i would be stoked if i could find some good shorepound and bring back pictures to my friends in california. (I would bring my surf board but it's easier to bring my skim board.) Anyone in phillipines willing to show me the spots? I'd let you use my other skimboard and we could chill and drink some san miguels. Thanks in advance

By joey , 20-07-2003

dont be afraid come to the philippines especially siargao in mindanao - siargao is as peaceful as a placid lake dudes. dont be like jerks who generalized that its a war-torn area coz its in mindanao. ive been there and its a nice place..wanna know more about it..msg me at, ill be willing to guide you

By I am telling the truth. , 27-03-2003

I Like the Philippines - The Philippines is a very nice place to visit. The people are very friendly and are superior hosts. There are plenty of warm-water waves and the air is balmy and pleasant. There are so many islands full of simple enchantments. If you are afraid of the Philippines, that is your problem. I was most amazed that, as an American, I was still treated with safety and respect. There are many places I wouldn't want to visit right now because of how many people hate Americans now. I love the Philippines and helped some villagers to start a micro-business there. The people did not reject me just because I was an American. Everyone was good to me and the waves were great.

By , 28-02-2003

South Eastern Mindanao - I might be heading to Davao for work soon, know any waves around south eastern Mindanao? maybe near Mati?

Any word much appreciated and respected

By anonymous , 26-02-2003

no title -

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