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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By , 29-11-2004

where to go in the summer - im going to philipines in the summer where would be the best spots any size doesnt matter just long as their clean and i want to know a small spot for my neise she coming know of any spots she can handle she just learning.

By , 11-11-2004

Siargao - Planning a surf trip to Siargao first week in Feb. . Any comments as to surf at this time of year? Need some facts. Don't want to waist time or money. Will be monitoring bouys and weather for best conditions, however a local contact would be nice. I am getting conflicting messages as to the best time of year to approach for best barrels. Any help would be much appreciated.

By justified , 04-11-2004

falsecrack - the philippines has lots to offer, yet if you can't handle the atmosphere( crime, war, natural calamities, etc.), then you shouldn't come. However if you come only to degrade anything about the place then you're just inviting yourself for the negatives.

By scorpola , 01-09-2004

water cool? - i've been to indo a bunch and at some spots ie. g-land, ulu's late season it can get a bit cool with the off shore so i bring a spring suit. will i want it for the filos???

By LGR , 17-06-2004

baaaaaam...CLOUD9 BABY!!! - Fast.. Hollow ..Tube.... perfect 10 for me... locals are friendly.. very cheap... no need to bring lots of money... during competition food is free.. cool babay!!!

By Dude , 06-05-2004

Mindanao Philippines - I've been in the Philippines for 3 months, mostly in Mindanao. I've travelled about a bit and met lots of people, even had may family come out and visit. I can say that its pretty safe the people are more friendly than you can imagine and its got to be one of the cheapest places in the world. As with any other place you have to be careful but the beauty of it is there are no tourists, and the type of people who complain about the Philippines. Its truly a special place to be and if you are scared about coming here then just don't, more waves for me!

By rusillion , 16-04-2004

patty - go to siargao.april and may are 2 good months! anywhere in the world has potential danger but this area has been rated as one of the safest places in the country.go easy and you will have a blast,any good surf traveller knows not to show off and have respect.hope to be there soon myself!

By pattyG , 15-04-2004

give me directions!! - Hey, I am heading to the Phillipines for three weeks on holidays. I want to chase solid waves. I have grown up and surfed on the southern coast of Victoria Aust all my life and am keen as to hit it in the tropics.

If anyone can let us now of the go to's and the don't go to's that would be great.



By gas sprayer , 12-04-2004

internal promoters - its not to dangerous but it is not bali either. try not to stare down the men who are staring you down you will lose. poverty breeds desperation and resentment and its hard to blame the jealousy of seeing vacationers toting surfboards. there are many friendly people in this country and some gun toting tough customers here who will gladly liberate you from your wallet. tread lightly

By black short brudda , 25-03-2004

get real prophet - we can see you certainly dont want people to come to the philippines. so there must be something awesome about the place! thanks for the go ahead,me and the boyz will be heading there soon. and i say the more the better.i've heard nothing but good about the spot. i mean,unlike indo [90% muslim] it is 90% roman catholic in the phil. and they speak english.hey muhummer why dont you just change religions....and stay away from the beautiful islands,epic surf,and awesome filipina people.

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