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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By anonymous , 28-06-2005

Do you need to pre-book accom for Cloud 9 - Anyone who has done the mission before and willing to share the info. Where do you fly to from Manila,how much does it cost, where's a good cheap place to stay. Do you need to prebook the surf camp or can you just rock up??????? Any info appreciated

By is reality , 18-05-2005

The Balanced View - What is requires is a balanced view. One cannot overlook the continuing NPA problem and the journalist killings any more than one can overlook the hospitality of the common Filipino.

By , 18-05-2005

to the negative people! - everyone has guns! you dont need to go to the philippines to get kidnapped!...please! use some brain knowledge...if you dont like philippines then stay out!..there are as much crime in the U.S. than in the life! life is a risk! surfing is a risk! but it's fun! that's what's it's all about!...<bow!>

By , 18-05-2005

to the owner of the site! - thanks! thanks! thanks! now have a loyal supporter of this web site!....this is the best thing that happen to me...dammit! I can bodyboard in my country!

By Nick , 17-05-2005

Where to buy a Board? - Hey there - where does someone buy a couple of boards in either Cebu or Manila? Are there any manufacturers?

By anonymous , 31-03-2005

siargao is cool - Hi! you guy's check out siargao its cool!, filipino are very hospitable, just don't act crazy or think big shot. Now they have a new restaurant and bar on downtown g.l. called Dajon-means welcome and come in, they have a live band and dancing. good foods owned by american, serving american,japanese or asian foods. Monday is Jam night, tuesday karaoki night, weds disco night and thurs-sunday live band. check it out!!!!!!!!

By , 10-03-2005

good to know - I arrive in ph with no surf board and i didn t find any surf shop in manilia so i have been in the surf resort of san juan and there is a small surf shop inside.Waves in san juan are good ,the water is clear and there are few bars for nightlife a litle exentred fom the center of san fernando. I have been after to Vigan and laoag but the cities are quite far from the beech and there is no accomodation exept in the city.I didn't see anny waves but Vigan is nice to visit.I found a nice beach break in Claveria in the top north in a fishing village with a very nice land scape but nothing to do if no surf but there are hotels. I finished my trip in baler and I had 10 days of good waves:the beech break is good on the morning and cemento is very good but for good surfers.

By , 18-02-2005

hey brahS! - come and surf on east coast of davao oriental! no crowd surf..anyone interested just txt in my mobile # 09167001077

By , 14-12-2004

actually... - The hype about terrorism really is overrated. I used to live on the North Coast of Luzon Island (Buguey, Cagayan valley), and while there are no surf resorts or shops or anything, I can remember several offshore days that were head high with nice barrels during May and early June. That's when one of the rainy seasons is and you may have to deal with the occasional baguio and lack of electricity. I've never been to Baguio's coast but I hear they've got good stuff there during the summer. If I'm not mistaken, siargao is more of a december destination (but I could easily be wrong). Nonetheless, don't sweat the terrorism. Filipinos are extremely hospitable as long as you show a little respect. A lot of the stuff posted here about "guns" and "dengue fever" just aren't true.

By anonymous , 12-12-2004

surf - you have to stay north, the people are poor and they got guns. bob hiawaii

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