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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By benito , 09-11-2006

The Gift of Barong: Showing In CineManila! - Hello fellow surfers!

Our film, The Gift of Barong: A Journey from Within is now coming to Manila this November 12, Sunday, via CineManila International Film Festival.

This film talks about two generations of Filipino-American surfers who grew up ashamed of their Filipino heritage, but goes on a journey to their roots in the Philippines to re-discover themselves, and at the same time, surf the magnificent seas of the islands.

Please come and support the film! If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Please spread the word to your family and friends!

You can check out the film screening schedule at

Maraming salamat!
Benito Bautista
The Gift of Barong: A Journey from Within

By Maite Villegas / , 30-09-2006

COME OVER AND SURF! - Hi all, this is Maite from The Liquid Body Surf Co. For anyone who needs help about surfing in the Philippines, please email me at:

and visit our website at:

There are concerns about safety issues that relate to politics and the Muslim conflict..and I would like to say that it is all a big hype.

We have had many visitors, clients and guests from all over the world including, France, Israel, Australia, Korea, Japan and the United States and none of these claims have affected their love and appreciation of the surfing experience in the country. T

he 8th Siargao Surfing Cup has just ended and there were man surfers and tourists who graced our contest with their presence and participation.

Most popular surf spots:

1.Cloud 9 and the rest of Siargao Island, Surigao (South)
2.San Narciso, Zambales
3.San Juan, La Union
4.Daet, Camarines Norte
5.Baler, Aurora Province
6.Eastern Samr

here is a copy of the circuit schedule:

5-8 October Eastern Samar Surfing Crown
(Guiuan, Eastern Samar)

18-21 October Catanduanes Governor's Cup
(Puraran, Catanduanes)

19-26 November 4th Lanuza Surfing Festival
(Lanuza, Surigao del Sur)

29 November - 02 December Ilocos Sur Surfing Crown
(Cabugao, Ilocos Sur)

04 December - 08 December Rimat Ti Amianan Surfing Invitational
(San Juan, La Union)

*schedules may be subject to change

Thanks for your time and we hope to welcome you to the surf experience we have to offer.

Surf's Up!

By , 26-09-2006

Surfing trip at the Philippines - Hi, I'm going to land in Manila at 13 of Oct. for surfing trip all over the place, and I would like to have a company with me, since I am all alone and I understood that it is not the most fun to travell there by your self, if there is someone in a similiar position as me... My E-mail adress is

By Ces , 04-09-2006

where's the surf in the Philippines? - I'm moving back to Asia end of the month, this time leaving Thailand for what it is and off to explore some different dive and surf-spots. The surfingspots are a wee bit harder to find, any tips? Philippines? Malaysia? I know Indo ofcourse but the rainy season keeps me from finding a job there..

By Anonymous , 20-07-2006

moving to manila - Moving to manila from central florida in february, would like to meet some people to surf with. Down to surf a lot but dont know anyone there. Been surfing small waves and beach breaks, occasional hurricanes bring in some good waves. Anyone looking to recruit some surfers hit me up email Thanks and keep ripping.

By State Warning 6/17/06 , 17-06-2006

Beware Surf Travelers - WASHINGTON D.C. (AFP) - The US government on Friday renewed a travel warning for Americans in the Philippines, saying terrorist groups and radical insurgents are planning multiple attacks and Westerners are particularly vulnerable.

In a renewed warning that supersedes a March 23 warning, the State Department said it continued "to warn against all but essential travel throughout the country in light of heightened threats to Westerners."

Americans who choose to travel in the country should "remain aware of the continued potential for terrorist attacks, including those against US citizens."

"Terrorist groups, including Jemaah Islamiyah and the Abu Sayyaf Group, continue to plan multiple attacks throughout the Philippines, as do some radical insurgents who have broken away from Moro groups," the State Department said in a statement.

By Jo-Jo , 03-06-2006

Only 2 surf shops in PI - One surfshop is at Cloud 9 and only seems to be open in October when they hold the contest. The other is in La union and is open all the time, nice selection, mostly used boards. But stay away from the Philippines... very dangerous for the tourist. Abu Sayaff and JI Islamia planning more attacks against tourists, and the NPA will get you too. Be wise an go to Indo instead... better waves, safer all around...

By , 28-03-2006

any surfshop in philippines? - I'm going to Philippines in July. I'm wondering if you can buy a surfboard there. How about rent one? I heard that they don't have any surf shops, is that true? Which surf spots are good for intermediate beginners? Thanks a lot!

By , 26-03-2006

surfing in calico-an, eastern samar PHILIPPINES - Perfect spot for raw surfing. this is uncommercialised, hospitable, friendly place to go. if you want excellent, an experience of a lifetime surf, try the place. check or send us an email.

By , 27-02-2006

On Lihim - The Lihim photos you saw on another website are from the Batanes Islands north of Luzon, from the Mahatao area and around the main island of Batan. Unfortunately, the waves are extremely fast, shallow and mostly closeouts, are very erratic and dont come together all that often. The water is usually colder up there, and its not really a smart place to go on surfari. In all honesty, as there's not much to hide up there, you are better off in the Cloud 9 region, or just going to Indo where it is far more consistent, the waves are longer and better, and you dont have a new, self-inflated local crowd who hog every ripple that comes through.

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