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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By , 24-08-2007

about the Philippines - Just a comment about the opening paragraph on the Philippines page. There are lots of islands, and while you can't just hop on a plane and go exactly where you want to be there is always a way to get anywhere you want to go. When I go back to Hawaii I amazed at how hard it is to get anywhere unless you have a car or 50 bucks for a cab. In Surigao you can load almost anything on a tricycle and go across town for 50 cents or less.

By , 23-08-2007

Dec Jan - That a good time to come. To be honest I have only surfed around Siargao. But I have run into lots of guys that have surfed all over and they wound up here because it was the best and least crowded. Cloud 9 gets a little crowded because you don't need a boat u just padl out but there are lots of places with either nobody or just a few guys out.


By grecksy , 23-08-2007

Dec/Jan Potential??? - Coming out last bit of December into the beginning of January. I know the surf is fickle here, so where would you suggest going? Luzon, Siargao, Other? Also, what are the crowds like in Siargao at this time? Any info is helpful... I'll probably end up winging it as usual, but if you have any helpful advice, please let me know. Thanks!

By , 21-08-2007

spring surf - surf's pretty good up to march then it starts to taper off. depends on what kind of a winter it is up north, storms off Japan etc.

By Anonymous , 19-08-2007

feb and march??? - what r they like?

By miguel navaza , 12-08-2007

travelling in Philippines - Moving to Philippines from Spain in february/march, i would like to meet some people to surf with.

By chaswagner , 11-08-2007

Surfs up! - 2 days of good surf last week. Looks like season is starting. Heard there were 45 guys out at cloud 9. Wow! Found a reef with nobody on and surfed just 3 of us. Still plenty of spots like that.

By , 25-07-2007

surfing philippines - hey guys,

whoever is coming to the philippines and you need info about surfing you can e-mail me at and i give you more info about what surfing is like in the philippines.
surf season just started! :)

By , 22-05-2007

wkend missions from Manilla - hey guys, Im based in Hong Kong and want to come to Philippines for a weekend mission surfing (been surfing for 15yrs). I need to hook up with a local perhaps to act as a guide for spots within reach of Manilla as I'd flying in Fri night and flying out again Sun night. Anyone keen? Anyone give me some advise? Thnx in advance

By RP SURF INC. , 15-05-2007

NEWSFLASH! - Julia campbell running for mayor of Abra! Is elected, she promises GMA will give surfing lessons at La Union! Overcrowding of surf breaks now a daily occurence at Cotobato beaches! Willie of WowWowWee to give free Cormick corn snacks to promote cross-Chinese/NPA relations. Chavits Singsong to sing Kareoke to Cala Lilly at next year's Holy Friday crucifixion parade in comemoration of the christening of Bong Bong's bagoong factory Kultan Sundurat! 2 election officials sustain paper cuts from passing out ballots, other than that the election season has gone very peacefully!

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