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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Siargao Islands


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By charles barracuda , 08-06-2011

Leyte? - i think what u mean is Samar.Samar roads specially eastern Samar are a mess but the waves are world class as seen and being featured is Surfer/Surfing magazine as of Leyte there is a tight knit surf community there and they said that there are waves all are beachbreaks.

By Anonymous , 06-10-2010

Leyte - hmmm ,from Catbalogan on Leyte you will have to hire a car . This is mad town at best . Leyte roads are not great and youll have to be well prept . Coastline is unexplored but Im sure there are plenty good breaks , empty and waiting for you . With two weeks tho , Siargao is better and a sure bet . Hope you get some great waves and PS- wetsuit not required .

By Anonymous , 23-07-2010

surf two coasts - nice post by frewuigi, that's good info...planning on coming in November for two weeks in the country, thinking of doing Siaragao and luzon, is that feasible or just too much hassle? What about Leyte north of siaragao? thanks

By frewuigi , 22-07-2010

Paradise really - The thing with Oct/Nov/Dec is it can be the best time of year but whats to understand is how much conditions change here ona hourly basis .FICKLE> The wind can change direction 7 times a day , you can have three storms a day , with brilliant blue skies inbetween and a swell can come out of nowhere .Its the most unpredictable situation with models essentially not a good way in terms of short forecast esp regards the wind. Cloud Nine breaks big picks up swell like nothing else it can be 2ft high swell and overhead at C9. 101 is a great place to stay although there are other options around.Best food but. 500m from GL there are a few cheap places to stay but then you have to get the habal-habal 2km along a waterlogged road or do a lil warm-up run or paddle 1km to Cemetaries which is totally uncrowded and pretty soulful. Inbetween the friendly spirit of the Pilipinos will have you smiling and there is lots to do . Take mozzi repelent.
Respect , peace and love surfarooos.Viva Jordy Smith.

By Anonymous , 03-01-2010

Surfing Cloud 9 - This website gives incorrect info. There are waves around Cloud 9 from Oct - Feb. However, constant onshore winds make Cloud 9 itself almost impossible to surf in this period. This is he same for Majestics surf break in Catanduanes which is fickle at best.

By Michael Birrer , 03-08-2009

accomodation in GL - Hi I am looking for a monthly rental in GL. I am looking to stay away from that whole expensive Cloud 9 scene. Oh yeah I would like to thank all the Surfing sponsors for giving the locals nice boards. Because surfing bums are so much more better people than the rest of us that have to work months at a time before we can get anywhere near a world class break. All hail the mighty pro surfer because god knows the world needs more of you

By Anonymous , 08-05-2009

anon - what time, what wind, how much... just go..or dont go. the early trippers here did just that and theres no reason why you cant either. try studying archives of meteorology and you'll soon know when it pumps.not going off someones once off experience or a camp owner whos only reson to offer advice is to comercialise a once cool hang andline the pockets.

By m k archibald , 25-03-2009

fly there - you can now fly cebupacific direct to Siargao as cheap as the boat and you can even link it to Manila from mike ocean101cloud9

By Anonymous , 07-11-2008

Living costs - It can depend on your preferences . $20 a day could quite easily see you through . If your a monk 10. If you like aircon, beers, bikes, a bito'this and a bit othat you will get by on US$40 for sure . Thats 2000 pesos . A air con room goes for 1000.

By Dan Warwick , 19-09-2008

hey - hey i would like 2 no how much it would cost 2 live over there?
i need somewhere layback with good surf

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